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Just a reminder: I will only tell you about my own perspective of the metaphysical realms. I may find articles that convey a similar view and will share them with you… but in the end they are only posted here if they truly resonate with me or represent my perspective of the metaphysical realms. I have read so many articles dealing with topics like angels, spirit guides, lightbeings etc etc …. and I know for those who post them, that is THEIR truth (or at least I hope that is the case and they didn’t just copy it somewhere else). I am not someone who copies another mortal human’s stories about the metaphysical realm. Either I write about what I have experienced myself or what I have been told by spiritual beings. I haven’t attended any “spiritual seminars” to learn about “how things work on the other side”. Look around. If you ask any spiritually active people about what they know or perceive of the other side, each one will have a different view. Since we all have our own perception and interpretation of what info we get. There are as many different views as there are perspectives.

Some call them spirit guides, some call them angels, others simply call them lightbeings. Do they exist? From my limited experience I would say: Yes, definitely. Yet I didn’t hear about them until 2005 and didn’t start believing, or even knowing about them until a year later. Do you believe in them ? If so, you  might be interested in something my former “teacher of metaphysics” wrote to me about a few topics that related to Spirit Guides, Communication with the Spiritual realms and other important issues when “playing in that arena”. A lot of times he perceived more than one Spirit Guides with one “mortal human” (as he said there were also metaphysical humans as well) and if there was a whole group of them guiding, he referred to them as a Sacred Community.

Here is what he wrote to me early on when I started my journey of discovering a “new world” – or to be more exact: a whole new universe – in 2005:

The question about “Making up Answers” — this is about communication, discernment and participation.  Communication is a flow of information, hopefully in at least two directions.  If you aren’t open to listening/receiving you will wind up just hearing the mirror (meaning your own reflection).  On the other hand where do our thoughts, our ideas originate?  How many are given to us by our guides?  I don’t have a definitive answer but I know that the more you work with your Sacred Community the more willing and able they are to work with you.

Discernment is learning to differentiate between sources of information/communication.  What answers reflect only our emotions or mortal wishes?  Which information comes from/through our Sacred Community?
Which information comes from sources outside our Community?  This is very important and we will talk more about it.
Participation includes everything.  So far I’m not aware of any Community members who want their mortal to be only a puppet.  It is a bit like therapy — the conscious participation of the patient is a primary contributing factor in the success of the treatment (or so I’m told).  Our willingness to work consciously with our Community on modes of communication, on direction, on activities opens the door to greater and larger options.
Knowing vs. Doubting — Never give up the doubting, the questioning.  Always ask about the source of the information — this is part of discernment.  Once you can identify the sources, by whatever means, you can relax a bit on the doubting assuming they are part of or through your Sacred Community.  This is also part of participation — doubting/asking questions opens the door to greater communication; and frequently is educational for members of your Community.
Protection — This is a broad topic.  Boundaries/borders seem to be a difficult issue for many people, therapists of all types in particular (except those whose purpose is to validate their therapy model by fitting every patient into a manufactured box). For now I will only say so much: establishing a ritual when attempting to communicate with your Guides will be helpful. Not only because of the reasons listed below but make sure this ritual includes some phrase or phrases “banishing negative energies and entities”.
Emergency: in case you feel you’re being attacked, suddenly feel sick (while attempting to communicate) or feel blocked from connection…there is always the possibility of establishing an “emergency call” with your Sacred Community. Let them know what your version of “911” is so they know when you need IMMEDIATE assistance NOW.
Community Availability — Some one from your Community is probably always present; but it may be a different “one” from time to time.  They may be working on other projects, or they may be continuing their own education, or…  
Setting a time for communication is beneficial for several reasons: from establishing discipline to letting your Community know when your focus will be on receiving information/direction so they can manipulate the frequencies to give you the best chance of receiving, to …  Sometimes you just have to trust that, if you ask, whatever you need will be provided in a timely manner.
Remember that Guides aren’t omnipotent. They do have access to a LOT more information than we do but “assuming” they know that you need this or that right now isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to let them know. Even if many people believe they can read our minds — and they sure can do AT TIMES but not ALL THE TIME — they aren’t interested in the little things we’re concerned with on a day-to-day basis. I would say: they have more important things to do. Last but not least: GRATITUDE and RESPECT. They’re very important in the metaphysical realms. Remember to thank the entitities who work with you for their efforts and treat them in a respectful way.

Author: Barbara Gia

Facilitator of Change and Personal Transformation ; I've worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I'm an Empath and have spent a lot of time connecting, 'bridging', two worlds throughout my life, exploring the depths of human and non-human psychology and biology as well as 'higher metaphysical realms' in the mystic's tradition. You may call me a synthesist always looking for (r)evolutionary transformation. I am a dreamweaver - will you be one too? Visit me on my blog: https://universaltransformation.wordpress.com/ Or find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/gia.spirit.5

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  2. Thank you, this was very helpful! 🙂 Aleya

    • You’re more than welcome – that’s what the post was for…to share my experience so others may understand theirs better…ot perhaps use this info in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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