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Progression of Light – May 14th – 18th


…once again we have a Progression of Light (PofL) on its way. This one’s theme is CHANGE !! Yeah! We’ve waited for it long enough and yet change comes in such subtle ways and is happening daily. But what about the BIG CHANGE? Well, we’ll see if this PofL will offer the much needed support. We’ve all heard the great saying “Be the Change you want to see” and yet it looks like we still need some help from outside. Mortal humans seem to hang on to what they have, what they know. I’ve witnessed it in my own life: yes there are things I really want to change and then there are those others…. do we really need to do something about those too? And part of me seems to cling on to the last bits it can grab. I feel the energies of change are needed so that we, the ones already READY for CHANGE can let go of those last bits and complete their transformation. So if you consider yourself one of them: get ready, be prepared.

This Progression of Light will help our transformative process. While the last two progressions were about Stabilizing and Support, we should be well prepared for what is to arrive in the next few days. Think about who you are and who you want to be, so that your old identity gets honored and can make room for the NEW YOU.

Hopefully this won’t be too rough….but by now I so long for REAL CHANGE that I am okay with whatever comes. Be open and receptive. Have a great time….


Author: Gia

Facilitator of Change; Facilitator of Personal Transformation ; Assistant to the Quadrant Change. In my mundane life I work as a licensed psychotherapist, in my "other" life I spend a lot of my time connecting to metaphysical realms, being an energyworker (in the physical and metaphysical realm) still working on a project where I can bring both worlds together...for me and other humans. Visit me on my blog: https://universaltransformation.wordpress.com/ Or find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/gia.spirit.5 Or check out our metaphysical-mortal joint project: CHRYSALIS https://evolvingchrysalis.wordpress.com/

3 thoughts on “Progression of Light – May 14th – 18th

  1. Have seen your other posts on PofL – what exactly is that? Some energy-shift? Where did you get that info? Your own guidance? Direct input? Just curious – I sometimes get hints but no names or descriptions even. Just a sense of “somethings’s coming” and then its gone again.

    • Dear Bob, thanks for asking. The Progression of Light was a series of energetic-wave-events (sounds really complicated when I write it this way but seems the most accurate). We, my husband and I, were alerted to it by a metaphysical entity. This wasn’t one of our Spirit Guides and wasn’t the usual way we are normally alerted of “events”. Have you seen my mention of CHRYSALIS? A place (or state) we can connect to and interact with metaphysical beings from other realms and dimensions. Pretty cool. Sometimes these entities share info with us that (also) affects earth. Most of them are not Earth-related and therefore wouldn’t appear in any of the other Channelings you find on the internet or hear about. That is probably the biggest difference. Also, neither my husband or I consider ourselves a “channeler” whose job – and may it only be part-time – is to inform other mortal humans of whatever info they received from metaphysical beings concerning nergy-upgrades or the like on EARTH. It seems like earth plays just a VERY small part in info we’ve received from CHRYSALIS. Considering the small role earth has in the Universe, it only makes sense (at least to me). Most of us mortal humans, however, are more concerned about what is happening to us, to HERE, to this planet. So there is no reason for that type of channeling anyway.
      Getting hints or nudges, a “sense of something going on” is showing you’re tuned in. If you work with your Spirit Guides inquire about it… or simply ask an open question out loud (perhaps better in privacy – you never know what others think of this behavior :-)) …and see where or how you get the answer. The Universe has strange ways of giving us answers. Knowing you have ended up on this blog means there is some guidance in the background – trust them.

  2. I felt it too! Wow that is amazing that I now find this post of yours and remember having similar strange feelings and lots of ascensions symptoms in the same timeframe when you said the second Progression of LIght took place. tHAT also was the time when that earthquake in Nepal took place, so thought that was what was going on. gUESS WE NEVER KNOW WHAT REALLY IS THE CAUSE …. or it may be all of it at once. Bless you – dion

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