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Aluna Joy Yaxkin on Things being so “up in the air”

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This is an older post but I just came across it again and feel it does describe our situation – also concerning the “not-yet-coming-into-reality” problem – with the Chrysalisportal pretty well. I found it on facebook. Notice how Aluna Joy says “we don’t really know what is ahead of us…still” …well I have noticed that she isn’t the only one “channeler” who seems to have that problem recently. Not all of them seem to admit it but it sure feels like we aren’t given the same guidance anymore as used to. Personally I have the same experience. My guides told me a while ago that it is harder and harder to make any predictions. I am not sure if this is just a passing phase or if we have truly entered the “experiment-phase” now, where the outcome is in question.
“Not to get too attached to outcomes” is probably the wisest advice at the moment. Things are more “up in the air” than ever, it seems.Feeling ungrounded is not that unusual these days, the weird thing for me is that I even feel “ungrounded” when connecting into the other realms. Hmmmm
Personally, I liked this post a lot more than Aluna’s more recent longer one on her website – but you may want to check that one out yourself….In the meantime: here is her older post.

A short energy update . . .
… short because we don’t really know what is ahead of us …still

2015 is continuing to offer us opportunity to let go, let go, let go, realign, realign, realign, and prepare to land fully in this new cycle… while being somewhat blind folded! It is not as crazy as it feels, and our new reality is beginning to take hold. Yet it sure leaves the soul screaming … “Are we there yet?”

A deep reevaluation of one’s life and path is on the table now. What we are attached to as possible future outcomes might be morphing into something else, leaving us feeling a bit ungrounded, tired, and frustrated. Other stubborn visions we have held in our hearts for a long while just won’t die, even though at this point we can’t see how they will be feasible or possible. We might question ourselves and our hearts . . . Are we day dreaming, avoiding something else, or will these visions will be a reality very soon and manifest in ways that we could not imagine at this time?

The Star Elders also share that there is a scattering (migration) happening now and in mass. This is a reorganization and alignment in preparation for the last of the landing sequences. One might move home base suddenly. Others might quit jobs and massively adjust relationships. We are deciding who will be very close to us, who will be acquaintances, and who will be left in the past. We are also reevaluating lifestyles, geographical locations, and aligning our spiritual purpose.

Earth is morphing as well. …Earth has her growing pains too. I am told this is not much to worry about. Larger surf or mild tsunamis might be an issue in some coastal areas. Wild weather patterns will continue all over the earth through August. But again there will be ample warning to avoid any inconvenience if we listen to the inner callings of the heart. No doubt… The surf is up geographical and internally!

Our hearts feel a completion looming ahead, but we are not clear yet as to what has been completed. There are a lot of ideas floating about regarding this. I am told not to get too attached to any outcome just yet. Yet the inner voice says … “Ok, that purpose feels like it is completing now. So now what?” We are not done yet that is for sure. We will consider what has left us, what has stuck with us, and what will need a remodel; And the big question … “What are we to do with all this now?” The answer is already in our hearts. But do we have the courage to take the leap?

From the edge of fleaping reality (lol) (fleaping = flipping nuts while leaping)
and with Great Blessings
Aluna Joy

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