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Perception – Creating our reality (Part 2)


Your perception is not my reality. Your reality is not my perception.”


Depending on your perception you might see a vase or two people looking at each other…or both. This is true for the rest of us: some perceive both, some either…and who knows, there may be some who simply see a black-and-white pattern.  If the image wasn’t so ambiguous, there would probably be an agreement on what is portrayed since humans generally tend to share perceptions. We live in a shared reality.

This isn’t true for the metaphysical realms (and please keep in mind I can only speak from my own experience and that of a handful of other people). When connecting to, accessing or working with the metaphysical, perceptions vary widely. In my last post I alluded to the lack of shared reality when “playing in the metaphysical realms”. If you are on an individual spiritual path (in contrast to sharing group experience and perception in an Ashram with a Guru ) it is very likely that your experiences with the metaphysical will be very different from any others’. I am sure you’ve heard someone talking about being guided by Angels, another saying it is Spirit Guides or higher self. Does the label matter?  Not really – the label is applied by belief, education, social setting etc., etc. It’s just a label. What is important is THAT you perceive, in some manner, another entity.

For most of us, perception is heavily based on past experiences (and to some degree on our motivational and emotional state). Experiences provide context. Early in my “spiritual quest” I was told about Spirit Guides and how they assisted us on our path. This set me up for certain expectations (read: perception) and a context. I’ve learnt that metaphysicals try to match our level of perception for communication purposes, if they don’t, we may not perceive anything (unfortunately that has happened to me numerous times). Usually we can’t interpret the information that our mind perceives when we lack the context. In order to perceive more of what we’re not familiar with (and there is a whole lot out there) we need to expand our perception and be open for new experiences….

…and enjoy them.


Author: Barbara Gia

Facilitator of Change and Personal Transformation ; I've worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I'm an Empath and have spent a lot of time connecting, 'bridging', two worlds throughout my life, exploring the depths of human and non-human psychology and biology as well as 'higher metaphysical realms' in the mystic's tradition. You may call me a synthesist always looking for (r)evolutionary transformation. I am a dreamweaver - will you be one too? Visit me on my blog: https://universaltransformation.wordpress.com/ Or find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/gia.spirit.5

4 thoughts on “Perception – Creating our reality (Part 2)

  1. A divine sister after my own heart… great posts Gia and thanks for finding me… IAM going to enjoy your journey Barbara x

    • Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I so enjoyed the positive energy your website is emanating (so is your gravatar). Looking forward to sharing my journey with you ! L & L (love and light)

  2. I agree (hope I’ve understood correctly) that the most important thing is perceiving or at least being open to receiving a message. I have a fascination for Bruce Alexander’s research into addiction. One of the things he suggests is that our culture is so soul sucking that everyone contained within is addicted to something. Not because we are weak or horrible people but because we are that distressed and are desperate for relief. Keeping alert and open may be harder to do now more than ever.

    • Yes, being open to receiving/perceiving and expanding your perception…being open to new experiences.
      I hadn’t heard of Alexander but googled him and scanned the info. I agree (also speaking from my experience as a psychotherapist) that there seems to be a rise in addiction and yes, it is partly because of breaking-up the traditional type of societies where “the tribe” was like big family. In my perception the lack of CONNECTION is what causes most of the problem. People – in one way or another – not only seek numbing of the toxicity of today’s world but many of them seek connection….to whatever or whomever. Soulsucking is a good description – leaving a feeling of emptiness. Seeking connection is aimed at relieving the sense of emptiness. Fundamentalists (no matter what religion) feel strongly connected (they also give up their individuality…but that’s another story) and it seems like there is a rise in attraction to those groups. Because it gives them their sense of connection.
      I, for my part, found connection to my Spirit Guides helpful…or to nature. Being part of “all that is”.
      I could probably write a lot more on this. Interesting topic. Thanks for bringing it up, Debra! And thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments. Enjoyed them!

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