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The magic-free meaning of “What we think, we become”

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Different perspectives – different perceptions.
Here’s a great post/reblog addressing the issue of “creating our reality”…. or as Buddha said: “what we think we become”. It is not only coming from a different perspective but also looking at a certain aspect of perception. There’s a good example illustrating how emotional reactions influence our perceptions…thus influencing our reality. Mindfulness is an important and powerful tool in the process…and I agree, it takes LOTS and LOTS of practice. But who said being a “Co-creator” is easy?
I used to practice Zazen for some years and now do my own style of meditation. In my experience there is nothing more disturbing than mind chatter and emotions running wild when trying to meditate, which, in my reality means CONNECT.

Hope you’ll enjoy this post from TOTALPRANA!

Total Prana


The above quote is the theme of today’s post. I wanted to take a moment and summarize what, specifically, the Buddha meant by this statement and, in the process, address some of the misguided New Age quick fixes that have cropped up in the past several years surrounding this quote.

Buddha was not talking about lotto win’s or weight loss or attracting the perfect mate; he was not instructing us to visualize wealth, apply emotion toward that visualization, and then wait for the Universe to deliver it. Buddha’s first sermon took place in a deer park at Benares, India where he spoke to ascetics with whom he had previously associated. This sermon was later referred to as “Setting in Motion the Wheel of Law” and in it the Buddha discussed the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths, all of which were foundations of the Middle Way.


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