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KAYPACHA ~ pele report: The Solar Eclipse sets the tone

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The Eclipse season is here. This weekend, we’ll have a Partial Solar Eclipse.  If you do not happen to live in South Africa or be on an expedition in the Antarctica, then you should have your boat ready and in position in the Ocean. Chances are good you can view it from there. It’ll be visible from South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 🙂  Please see map below. The rest of us may just feel the energies shift.  Wherever you are: Enjoy!



Quite amazing to have another Eclipse season coming upon us, as it seems like the last wasn’t that long ago!  The Solar Eclipse sets the tone for the next 6 months according to the ancients, so we can look at this weekend for signs of what is to come. Yikes, personally, I’m doing an intensive this weekend on Pluto, Scorpio, and 8th house….. hope I don’t spend the next 6 months down there lol!

I’m really excited to be creating and posting some future workshops in different parts of the globe next year and have a few more coming in the wings.  I don’t want to be a naysayer, but we do have some housecleaning, both personal and planetary that needs to be done and these next 12 months with Jupiter in Virgo will be helping us become aware of it!  So roll up the sleeves and get ready to dig in!

What is the old saying… “If it doesn’t kill ya, it’ll make you stronger.”?  Hope you are eating and exercising, and making healthy choices in every area of life so that the river flows with less obstruction.  On the river bank for this Pele Report, and off to Colorado and points beyond tomorrow.

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I love that life is a mystery,

The more I begin to see,

Her slowly sharing her secrets,

And showing myself to me.

Time to finish setting the table for the guests are about to arrive!  The Solar Eclipse this weekend in Virgo wants everything perfect for the banquet to begin.  This may require going back over some “old forgotten details” in the projects, relationships, initiatives, and health, maybe even stretching back to how we have been treating ourselves since childhood.

It can be a week when Life brings us our issues to look at and “fix” prior to moving on.  Through some of the “crisis” that may emerge, it will be helpful to maintain the attitude that everybody and everything will be better off in the long run and that we can be in a state of gratitude rather than victim when being shown our “faulty” ways.

One tendency might be to try and avoid or deny the problem/s, procrastinate or give up when shown how much effort is required to get back on track.  Fortunately, Venus and Mars together in Leo trine Uranus can give us some original creative ways to deal with just about anything.  Particularly in the realm of love and relationship, it is a time to brainstorm in new ways of being in relationship with ourselves and our partner/s rather than dwell on how the current situation needs changing.  The more proactive we are now, the less reactive we may be later!  Enjoy working it all out (and not just in the gym)!

So Much Love!



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