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An Awakening …. to Death


„God is the denial of denials“  Meister Eckhart

For most people, a Spiritual Awakening – as unsettling, disruptive or shocking it may appear in the beginning – is perceived as a positive, eye-opening, mind-expanding experience. There’s another type of ‘Mortal’ Awakening happening right now, one that may be experienced just as disruptive and upsetting – or even more so. While the first opens our perception to something that’s beyond this world, this reality, and let’s us take a ‘look behind the veils’, the latter is showing us what’s right in front of our eyes: what’s happening to our physical world.

As my own Spiritual Awakening seemed to unfold over the course of many years, my ‘Mortal Awakening’ in 2017 was more of the jolted-me-awake type. Both events represented life-changing shifts of consciousness for me but they had another important aspect in common: DEATH.

One of the crucial elements of my Spiritual Awakening was the realization that physical life may end with death but consciousness does transcend it. This shift in perception was significant but didn’t affect any of my day-to-day life much until 14 months ago when I woke up from my blissful ignorance about the current ‘state of affairs’ and became acutely aware of the predicament we are facing. When I say “we” I mean all living beings on this beautiful planet. After extensive research and diving into the science of Abrupt Climate Change, current level of pollution, limits to resources (and growth) on earth as well as exponential growth,  it was clear to me that we are in another extinction cycle. One of several this planet has gone through.

Nothing to get excited about, really…except for the fact that things are happening much faster than previously predicted. Generations of humans currently alive will witness dramatic changes worldwide within a much shorter time than we ever have in history (at least to my limited knowledge). I suppose then my awakening was caused by a ‘near-death-experience’ as you frequently hear about in spiritual circles, only this one was the awareness of a potential ‘near death’ (whatever ‘near’ means)  for not only myself but many other species as well, a mass extinction.


How can it be then, that on the spiritual websites that I used to visit in the past there’s only talk about this magical, wonderful world that we are about to experience soon? I suppose they‘re not referring to this reality. But if they are, they‘re truly waiting for miracles to happen. As much as I love miracles I’d then tend to go with Carolyn Baker and Andrew Harvey‘s assessment of an „…emphasis in spiritual cirles on a fake compassion and cheerfulness….[where] people have been trained in habits they call spiritual but which really are designed to reinforce bypassing and dissociation…“

Suddenly it dawned on me: this sense of hyperactive overindulgement in numbing entertainment that I’ve been witnessing around me (and been guilty of myself) is simply an attempt to dissociate from the reality we’re facing on this planet. Now it all makes sense. The human collective, or rather the collective unconscious, is – at a deep level – very aware of the dire situation we are in. That’s why anxieties, depression, aggression and a constant state of busy-ness are dis-eases going rampant these days. These are either direct responses to the lifestressors we’re currently exposed to or distractions, defense-mechanisms to keep that growing knowledge about our – and so many other species‘ – demise at bay.

I was shocked to see how much I, myself, have been guilty of either escapism and spiritual bypass (when I tried to escape to the other realms where everything was so much better) or complete denial by „always being too busy“ or „too exhausted“ or simply numbing myself by surfing the internet.

Thanks to my „Awakening to death“ I realized life is too short for this sh!#. Time to live. 2018 will mark a new chapter in my book. One of my first steps was to quit my job. No idea where this journey is taking me but it’s time to make the best out of what remains. Love fiercely and live (com)passionately to the fullest!

Happy New Year!



For those of you interested in further reading I added a few links that only represent a portion of those that I found helpful in understanding what’s going on. If you’re interested in finding out more about the planet’s environmental situation, climate change etc – pls search for your own sources, there are plenty to choose from.








….and check out articles or the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert ‘6th mass extinction’


Author: Barbara Gia

Facilitator of Change and Personal Transformation ; I've worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I'm an Empath and have spent a lot of time connecting, 'bridging', two worlds throughout my life, exploring the depths of human and non-human psychology and biology as well as 'higher metaphysical realms' in the mystic's tradition. You may call me a synthesist always looking for (r)evolutionary transformation. I am a dreamweaver - will you be one too? Visit me on my blog: https://universaltransformation.wordpress.com/ Or find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/gia.spirit.5

13 thoughts on “An Awakening …. to Death

  1. So powerful! So glad you’re writing again. 🙂

    • LOL – good to hear from you signalman. I vaguely remember wanting to comment on your last comment but never got around to it. Well, here you are…. but my memory lost it in the ethers. Just know, that you were thought of 🙂

  2. Amazing post, Gia. Thank you for sharing…I really connect with these words. This past year has also been, for me, a ‘wake up’ call to the reality of what is happening on planet earth. A reality I’ve tried to ignore or downplay in the past because it didn’t align with the utopian view of awakening/ascension; the new earth where consciousness thrives and humanity lives from ‘love and light’.

    I am not saying that is not a reality in itself; maybe it is, maybe that is what we are creating. But something very different, which you write about so eloquently, is happening here and now on the planet. You could say that I’ve been watching all kinds of ‘depressing’ movies and turning into the worldwide news more. In the past I thought this would be going a step backwards in my spiritual search. I stayed away from anything low frequency/vibration in fear of creating more of it. But now I don’t really identify with what I thought a ‘spiritual search’ was.

    There is so much more to write and think about here. You’ve addressed something so important. Thank you again and I look forward to more posts! Aleya

    • PS, Congrats on quitting your job. I relate to this too! 🙂

      • oh, thank you ❤ , yes that was quite a leap (of faith) but it's done now. But first things first…there is more I would like to say to your comment above but that will have to wait 'til tomorrow. As you know, I really appreciated your input…so here's a quick THANK YOU in advance. More tomorrow

    • Thank you so much, Aleya. I am glad that the post resonated with you. I had the feeling it might…but then you never know. Back when I was posting more I used to have readers that came from the ‘Spiritual crowd’ and I wasn’t sure how they (would) react to this one. Having followed your blog and seeing similarities in our thoughts (and paths) I was interested how this post would be perceived. ( I normally don’t ask for opnions like I did in this case).

      The past 12 – 14 months surely have been transformative for me and I am sure that will be reflected in my writing – if I am to continue writing.

      I also thought especially of you since you recently mentioned Charles Eisenstein – if you haven’t read his ‘mutiny of the soul’ article that I have added a link to, then this might be one for you. And, vaguely remembering that you once were exploring your Indian ancestry (and wasn’t there a mention of goddesses?) I thought KALI may be one that would also pique your interest. I thought the article http://www.kosmosjournal.org/article/kali-takes-the-world-dark-night-of-the-world-soul/ was a real powerful one.

      Anyway..so much for my thoughts on this – and why I specifically thought of you 🙂 As you said in your last post…writing is (also) about connecting to others. Thanks for connecting!

      • Thank you, Gia. I will check out those links. This past year I haven’t participated in many of the spiritual activities I used to. It feels strange, and a little sad, because there were a lot of people connected with those activities. Going off FB etc has added to this sense of ‘loss’ (for lack of a better word). But then, it all feels appropriate…and necessary. And I know that there are others experiencing this too. 🙂 Aleya

  3. Good to hear from you again. Happy New Year! Sounds like your life has taken quite a turn during the last year. You have even quit your job, wow! I wonder how your journey will unfold now and wish you all the best.

    • Liebe Karin. herzlichsten Dank für die guten Wünsche fur ein Jahr voller Überraschungen.

      Yes, I quit my job and that’s definitely a huge step for me. The process to get to this decision wasn’t that long but to close down my practice took a while longer than expected. Now there’s the VOID. No idea (yet) where my journey is going but I do feel it is testing my trust.
      Would be nice to catch up via email when your month of birthdays is over (at least I vaguely seem to recall your family having lots of bdays in January?).
      All the best to you too! I have seen your most recent posts yet was too overwhelmed by my own ‘stuff’ so I never got around to comment – it looks like you’ve been / are quite busy on your journey as well

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