Universal Transformation

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From BEING to BECOMING in the Universe

There is no “goal” or target as we keep evolving, everchanging. This is the time for great changes and transformations as the Universe (not just planet earth) is making its great shifts, a new era can begin. This blog here is about my personal Becoming, however, a project called “Chrysalis” plays/played a major role in it. It is a place, a way of BEING and BECOMING for many metaphysical entities and (at the moment) a few mortal humans who want to connect and interact with each other. If you are connected with your Spirit Guides then Chrysalis is only one step further. Chrysalis can offer us an abundance of information and opportunities for the coming changes in the Universe.

We would like to share the experience of Chrysalis with others. CHRYSALISPORTAL offers that opportunity. Originally we had planned to have a physical location for this “different” type of meditation-center, but as progress is slow, we may be able to guide you into Chrysalis wherever you are. No physical travel needed. In the meantime we are working on manifesting the dream: a center of Connection, Cooperation and Creativity located in Switzerland. Right now all we can offer is the “metaphysical version”, which, in reality is the bigger piece of it all.

Perhaps you want to check it out yourself:   https://evolvingchrysalis.wordpress.com/     It has had a slow start so far but it could be any time that it will literally open its PORTAL to interested others. If you are interested to learn more, if you feel guided to try it out, feel free to comment/ get in touch!

My own Becoming

I had been a “seeker” for a long time – but never really knew WHAT I was seeking, just knew “there must be more”. After an eye-opening session with a psychic/healer in 2005 I suddenly had a glimpse of where my path may be leading. My first goal was to establish communication with my Spirit Guides. That took another few years … but it was definitely worth the work! From there on, my Becoming seemed to speed up.I thought I’d share a little more about my own Becoming and how I got here as well. Actually in the beginning of my “spiritual quest” I was going to take lots of classes and workshops in real-life but aside from a meditation-seminar and a few workshops, I did not get very far. Soon after that my Spirit Guides (my “Sacred Community”) let me know that they will teach me. (Guess the other teachers weren’t always in line with what they intended for me?) So the good part was that I saved money paying for workshops but I also found out that this means continuous education …anywhere…anytime.
I wasn’t only being educated but then also started to be trained to assist in metaphysical projects. This is when things got really weird…and interesting. I became an energyworker. I first started working with the spirits of nature, with energies around Earth, I became an “Earthworker”. Only a few years later I was introduced to metaphysical Beings called “Transformationists” whose main goal – from my understanding – is to assist the transformation of this quadrant of the Universe. This happened in 2012. About the same time I was also asked to join a group who called themselves “Concerted Efforts”, working on the merging of two realms. About a year later, end of 2013, I was introduced to a new teacher. I started working with the energies of the sun and the entities governing the solar system. To my knowledge, my main current projects revolve around Transformation and the Solar System.

How did I get to where I am?

Basically there are 3 different types of sessions I have. There are those where I get in touch with my Sacred Community, communing with them or channeling info from them. Then there are sessions where either my Sacred Community or other metaphysical Beings (with permission of my Guides) work on my communication channels – happens more than enough, believe me! – or download some kind of info. The third kind of session is where I am guided to perform a task on the other side.
Usually I am told there is a session on this and that day at such a time. Since they happen so frequently these days I simply ask in the morning “what’s on the agenda” using the pendulum. During these kind of sessions I simply sit in a quiet place and after a short ritual of banishing anything negative, possibly disturbing or disrupting the session, I go into an altered state. In a specially dedicated meditation spot I to tune in to the “Powers that Be”. Sometimes I perceive something with my “inner eye” …it then resembles what other people describe as Shaman journeys. I am taken to a place, asked to perform a task and then return to this reality. But more than enough I don’t “see” anything, only feel energies tingle around my head. In the past I kept thinking “nothing is going on, I did something wrong, I have too many thoughts…” but over the years I’ve learnt that’s not the case. I get better in distinguishing when the metaphysicals really cannot reach me and when they simply download info or energetically work on me yet my mind can’t make any sense of it. Sometimes I enjoy the adventures on the other side so much that it is harder to find the fun in living in this reality – especially when I / we are looking for a BIG CHANGE on this side but nothing has shown up (yet). I have been told numerous times I need to be patient – and patience is definitely a very important virtue when following this kind of path 🙂
So we keep on doing what we do and see where it will take us next on our Journey of Becoming…

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