Universal Transformation

Sharing the Journey of Becoming * Metaphysics * Spirituality * Transformation* Change


The BEING is in the present moment, a fleeting moment. This blog is about the changes I (and many more of us) go through in our BECOMING. Being is the NOW. Enjoying where we are, what we do NOW, ready and open for more and more changes that will propel us into the new paradigm.

Are you BEING or BECOMING ? could be the question to ask.

When I first thought about this blog and worked on the pages, BEING seems to be good – for the moment – as we often don’t take the moment to just BE… but what this blog really is about is the BECOMING: the change, the shifts, the transformation we are all going through, the evolutionary shift the Universe is currently going through.

I can look back at what I HAVE BEEN and (to a degree still may be) …. but those identities may come and go. Fully BE what you are in the moment…and then let it go to open up to the next step and BEcome. Be open for the surprises the Universe has in store for you. and join me on the Journey of Becoming…


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