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Resurrection: a new life cycle begins ~ by Lauren Gorgo

It’s been a while since I have posted any of my own writing. For a few weeks now it feels as if I am more and more detached from anything that’s part of this 3D physical reality. One of the reasons why I found this update from Lauren Gorgo worth reblogging is that she is talking about that exact topic. Being in a ” very liquidy void space where everything is kind of floating in an abyss with little to no structure and/or ability to decipher where we are headed or why…most of us can’t muster up the motivation to care” sounds oh-too-familiar. It felt like any creative energies have left me … and most of the time I don’t even care about that. However, that state is NO FUN to be in.

“so it can feel as tho we are in a bubble and everything that matters to us is rescinding… pulling away and/or ending” – yep, I can DEFINITELY relate to that. Unfortunately. But there is hope. That’s the reason I decided to post this for all of you out there who know what I am talking about.

I feel especially strong about her message because just two days ago, I suddenly had to think about ( = my guides brought to my attention) a meditation I had end of June. During that meditation I was told by guidance that in 3-5 months (Oct. – Dec.) there’d be a change…of my biological being. They also mentioned an exit, but said it wouldn’t be out of this life. In 8 months (March) there would be a birth of a new life. This, again, coincides with information I received in September about a shift to be completed around that time (“…. indicated that the shift should be over by mid March. I was told that this also applied to others on the spiritual path”). So how about that ‘physical rebirth point’?

Are YOU ready for a new life cycle? Hope you enjoy this reblog, Gia


Resurrection: a new life cycle begins

October 22, 2015 by Lauren

For the pioneers, wayshowers, forerunners who have cleared all emotional and genetic miasms, a new life cycle awaits. Many contracts have been completed thru core wound clearing which means some are ready to move deeper into the resurrection phase of the ascension process.

As we leave the old reality system and prepare to enter fully into the new, we approach what my Sources call our physical rebirth point….”the moment when the changes of our higher dimensional nature merge with our lower body system”

As of 10/10 many at the fore have completed a major life cycle, entered into a holding space, and are preparing to begin a brand new chapter of life on 11/11.

September, and all of its accompanying celestial blessings, brought us THE force...the Source frequency (creation) codes needed for our new life cycle…where October has been clearing the space in our bodies (hello super intensified solar activity) for those energies to enter and anchor into the physical parts of our lives and world. November (universal ONE month) will reveal our new path/purpose more clearly, along with the physical components needed to create it.

At the moment we are currently in a very liquidy void space where everything is kind of floating in an abyss with little to no structure and/or ability to decipher where we are headed or why…most of us can’t muster up the motivation to care.  Even still, there is a steady new creative constant that is always rallying beneath us, pulsing thru us, even if barely perceptible at times…a palpable, vibrational safety net that prevents us from falling prey to the past, to the (under)world that we have just very recently moved out of……CONTINUE READING HERE

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Lauren Gorgo’s LOVELETTER

In the last 2 weeks (and to some degree before) I’ve had an increasing sense of detachment, so it is a little hard for me to see the “growing urgency within to create the new”. Still, I wouldn’t mind getting (back) to it. There have been times in the past when I couldn’t wait for the NEW to happen, but not so much at the moment. Am I just a little slow and need to catch up with that development? Or is anyone else out there who feels like me, feeling VERY detached from so many things happening in this 3D-reality?  I guess it is a good thing, considering all the chaos and destruction going on ‘out there’ …but nevertheless I wonder why I’ve been feeling as if in a bubble since the famous last blood moon? Perhaps it’s needed to really have a fresh start? What do YOU think?



A new season. A new cycle.  A new frequency. A new earth.  Endings and beginnings simultaneously abound as we merge into ONEness: core wounds surface/healings & wholings prevail…karmic creations wither/manifestations of the HEART proliferate as never before…old projects come to completion/new projects finally get off the ground…old relationships fall away/new relationships suddenly appear…all in the name of (right) NOW.

THIS is present-moment/real time-creation…where the past and future converge into ONE.

As our humanity & divinity conjoins we are no doubt moving thru a strong transition stream incurred from the magnanimous wave of energy that hit our shores in September. And while we experience this never-before-experienced frequency on earth we continue to calibrate our bodies and reorient our focus to the new landscape.

The topography has yet to fully reveal itself thru our inner sight and yet, there is a growing urgency within to create the new…to build…to put our thoughts, ideas, sacred visions & projects to paper. And immediately so. Even if we are still unsure what that means or how, the clarion call has sounded and there are those who are being called into the game without a moment’s notice and with so much to do it seems impossible.  But DO we must.  In fact, we are learning (by DOing) that what used to be impossible by old standards, it is very much possible now….long as we maintain our inner-stillness as the energies accelerate and swirl around us.

Luckily, with the growing urgency to create comes an increasing confidence, courage and the conviction necessary to take the leaps needed to forge radical change in our lives and ultimately the world.  Deep down we are starting to feel the true merit of our worth rising to meet us, right in the nick of time…at the same moment many new options and opportunities open before us.

In some cases, we are coming full circle…returning to THE place we left off when our awakening was triggered, albeit at a higher level of the spiral, with a whole new perspective and way of BEing. In other situations, we are moving into entirely new life circumstances called into BEing by our soul’s true purpose for being here at this time.

However your true Self & life emerges, realize that the final blood moon closed the door on the old (causal) creation dynamic which means the actual mechanics…how we work with these new energies….has changed.

Now that we have been reborn into unity, you may be noticing this shift in dynamic and that things don’t work like they used to…that the old creation system is dissolving (think: financial drought) as we collectively materialize the crystal clarity of christ consciousness on earth. If you are stuck spinning your wheels know that in order to access, mold and manifest your creativity in this new energy you must move in order to be moved…that there is no “time” in 5D to support (linear) pre-planning. (To learn more about this new/ancient system of creation…how & why it works…..see revolutionary new e-course offering.)

New life is calling each and every one of us in our own way.  As you find the courage to come into your own, to heal all separation, to live independently of the external systems that still govern your world in order to create according to your soul’s true intentions for being here, the doors to the universe will literally open to you.

We’ve certainly been thru hell and high water to bring this energy to the planet but we’re here now and I have personally never felt more genuine excitement & possibility about (new) life on earth. Every moment is beginning to feel like one worth relishing in. Every step forward, a reminder that we get to experience it in a brand new way!

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Golden Gates Open: the great preparation ~ by Lauren Gorgo

August’s 5d report. “…in September we will start to see the actual form our new lives are taking…” sounds promising. I have to admit I’m currently so deep in the (preparation) process, I can’t see any of it (yet).  It would be nice if the prep phase is coming to an end and we can REALLY get started with our new lives…and not just make life-changing decisions. I want action. Let’s get on with it!


Golden Gates Open: the great preparation

August 22, 2015 by

As expected, the 8/8 (Lion’s gate) was beastly…in the best way possible. During that supercharged window, new/higher light information roared thru heaven and earth, permeating every level and layer of our multidimensional existence, infusing each and every cell of our being with new creation codes and essential upgrades required for the next 12 months in dedication to the mastery of magic.

This year’s 888 activation is awakening within our DNA the collective memory of the lost/forgotten sacred knowledge necessary to build the next Golden Age.

This means each of us are now downloaded with the specific information we need to not only create our highest purpose in the world, but we are also imbued with the actual methodologies necessary to construct the literal, sacred systems and framework that will house heaven on earth.

Here’s what I am told:  when the lion’s gate opened this year, so too did the gates of heaven. This special triple-digit access code unlocked our access to the pure, unencumbered frequency of Source that is essential for our heavenly creations on earth…the completion codes required to rebuild our selves, lives and ultimately the Eden Blueprint for all of humanity.

Before now, we were all working to bring these frequencies “down from heaven”, so to speak. We were heralding, precipitating the grounding of these energies thru our bodies and into the planet for earth’s collective ascension. Mission accomplished. Now I am hearing that for those of us here to experience a full-blown biological ascension/descension, the energies from the 888 are more personal than collective…well, not literally since what is personal IS collective…in the sense that they contain the next level christ codes needed for our further embodiment and sustained 5th dimensional consciousness.


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The Unified HEART-Mind: mastering magic ~ by Lauren Gorgo

This is the latest update by Lauren. Her monthly reports always resonated with me. Not so much the recent one(s). Perhaps there is something in it for you? The only thing I could REALLY relate to were the descriptions of the physical (body) reactions to the “balancing process”….brain fog,vision impairment, confusion, disorientation, headaches, vertigo etc. etc… As to the mentioned increase of energies and “things are heating up in a big way” I also agree…but from my experience that has been the case for a while. Recently we’ve had more and more energetic shifts and I often wonder where this is all going.
Well, see for yourself:

reporticon-finalHappy Planetary New Year!  Today, July 26th, marks the opening of the Lion’s Gate which means new/higher frequency solar (christ) codes are saturating earth and humanity and will continue to do so until 8-8-ish.

For those unfamiliar, the Lion’s Gate occurs every year on August 8th …when earth aligns with Sirius and the galactic center to create a stargate portal which sends us waves of activating energy for personal and planetary ascension.

This year is even more potent because we have a rare triple 8-8-(8) activation (2+0+1+5 = 8) which I am told is perfectly placed to prepare us for the upcoming lunar eclipse in September… the final (and highly prophesied) blood moon in the tetrad. (The fourth and last in series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses that took place in 2014 –15.)  Read: things are heating up in a big way that signal a big finish….continue reading here

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Lauren Gorgo’s “LOVE LETTER” – hopeful words –

let’s hope that is the direction we are heading soon….


Greetings and Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!  (OH, and a happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!)

Because I was born on the fourth of July I have always had an over-the-top affinity for FREEdom, but this year we are bringing freedom to a whole. new. level.

After many weeks/months/years of massive inner-alchemy we are finally moving into an active period of real life change.  The recent solstice completed a major growth cycle, an initiation of the highest order, and now…on the heels of a very powerful full moon that served to wrap up some essential details…benevolent energies abound which will support us as we emerge from our cocoons, unfurl our wings, and fly into a brand new phase of personal and planetary evolution.

At the highest level we have the opportunity to actualize the full (creator) GOD realization that we absolutely have the power to change everything in our worlds…in a very real way. Not only that, but with the simple switch of a thought, we are able to initiate that change instantaneously now.

This is a very exciting time, a time of true and lasting freedom for many…freedom from the lower mind and ultimately, freedom from fear. For those prepared, this means the beginning of applied mastery…a time to put our powers into play in order to transform our lives.  Yes, this is the time we have all been working toward, where everything we dream of can actually become a physical reality.

Since the last LOVE letter, I have personally gone thru a complete crucifixion & resurrection, and I know many of you reading this have as well.  The first six months of 2015 absolutely demanded that we become BIGGER than our fears which meant that each of us attracted the perfectly painful and unique challenges needed to let go of our old identities in order to step deeper into our authentic truth.

That reconnection to our divinity is just now beginning to reveal the true power contained within us which means we are more equipped to utilize our renewed sense of sovereignty to create much needed change in our bodies and lives. In fact, it’s already happening…just look around the world to see the proof of truth as humanity feels and responds to the light now anchored so fully on the planet.

The rewards of being authentic are finally outweighing the risk of our fears because, well…not to be cliche, but LOVE won!

Our emerging power coupled with the full awareness and experience required to shift ourselves out of the past for good (thank you Mercury retrograde), means life altering changes are afoot.

This is a time, our time, of absolute shifting into new territory. We now have all the pieces to the puzzle, but as always it’s up to us to figure out where to place them.  As we apply our power to face and resolve each remaining issue/test/past pattern kicked up by the solstice culmination point, we release ourselves from bondage…one tether at a time.  In the process we are realizing, in an experience-based way, that there is a new way to deal with challenges, and this is exactly what we are learning to DO now.

Yes, we are returning to DO life because we can finally BE true.

Let FREEdom reign!

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Aluna Joy Yaxkin on Things being so “up in the air”

This is an older post but I just came across it again and feel it does describe our situation – also concerning the “not-yet-coming-into-reality” problem – with the Chrysalisportal pretty well. I found it on facebook. Notice how Aluna Joy says “we don’t really know what is ahead of us…still” …well I have noticed that she isn’t the only one “channeler” who seems to have that problem recently. Not all of them seem to admit it but it sure feels like we aren’t given the same guidance anymore as used to. Personally I have the same experience. My guides told me a while ago that it is harder and harder to make any predictions. I am not sure if this is just a passing phase or if we have truly entered the “experiment-phase” now, where the outcome is in question.
“Not to get too attached to outcomes” is probably the wisest advice at the moment. Things are more “up in the air” than ever, it seems.Feeling ungrounded is not that unusual these days, the weird thing for me is that I even feel “ungrounded” when connecting into the other realms. Hmmmm
Personally, I liked this post a lot more than Aluna’s more recent longer one on her website – but you may want to check that one out yourself….In the meantime: here is her older post.

A short energy update . . .
… short because we don’t really know what is ahead of us …still

2015 is continuing to offer us opportunity to let go, let go, let go, realign, realign, realign, and prepare to land fully in this new cycle… while being somewhat blind folded! It is not as crazy as it feels, and our new reality is beginning to take hold. Yet it sure leaves the soul screaming … “Are we there yet?”

A deep reevaluation of one’s life and path is on the table now. What we are attached to as possible future outcomes might be morphing into something else, leaving us feeling a bit ungrounded, tired, and frustrated. Other stubborn visions we have held in our hearts for a long while just won’t die, even though at this point we can’t see how they will be feasible or possible. We might question ourselves and our hearts . . . Are we day dreaming, avoiding something else, or will these visions will be a reality very soon and manifest in ways that we could not imagine at this time?

The Star Elders also share that there is a scattering (migration) happening now and in mass. This is a reorganization and alignment in preparation for the last of the landing sequences. One might move home base suddenly. Others might quit jobs and massively adjust relationships. We are deciding who will be very close to us, who will be acquaintances, and who will be left in the past. We are also reevaluating lifestyles, geographical locations, and aligning our spiritual purpose.

Earth is morphing as well. …Earth has her growing pains too. I am told this is not much to worry about. Larger surf or mild tsunamis might be an issue in some coastal areas. Wild weather patterns will continue all over the earth through August. But again there will be ample warning to avoid any inconvenience if we listen to the inner callings of the heart. No doubt… The surf is up geographical and internally!

Our hearts feel a completion looming ahead, but we are not clear yet as to what has been completed. There are a lot of ideas floating about regarding this. I am told not to get too attached to any outcome just yet. Yet the inner voice says … “Ok, that purpose feels like it is completing now. So now what?” We are not done yet that is for sure. We will consider what has left us, what has stuck with us, and what will need a remodel; And the big question … “What are we to do with all this now?” The answer is already in our hearts. But do we have the courage to take the leap?

From the edge of fleaping reality (lol) (fleaping = flipping nuts while leaping)
and with Great Blessings
Aluna Joy

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Lauren Gorgo’s latest update:

Culmination Point: theoretical to applied mastery

Since the beginning of 2012, when the ensoulment process began in earnest, those at the helm of human and planetary ascension have been tirelessly working towardthe embodiment of divinity. During this deeply challenging window of time the Pleiadians have opened us up to so much new information regarding our transition into 5th dimensional, new human prototypes…and yet, until now, it has been a mostly cognitive experience.

2015 on the other hand, brought us to a whole new higher/deeper level of embodiment never before felt/experienced…catalyzed by the March equinox-blood moon-eclipse passage during Passover/Easter season…and now our transfiguration is fully underway, as a present-moment, in-the-flesh experience.

The difference in our experience of this process pre & post 2015 is profound…and from what I am hearing, the second half of this year is going to make that profundity obvious to even the most unaware.

Now we find ourselves freshly on the other side of the solstice, what I am hearing called a major culmination point,and the galactics tell me this was a grand finale of sorts…that we are releasing ourselves from our old, linear-based life template and fear-based patterns, that which will make our 5D lightbody template finally become a felt experience.

It’s become pretty clear that ascension/descension is no longer a process of predicting what’s to come, but a process of what IS occurring in our present moment…as we experience it.  In some ways embodying has proven way more challenging than I personally anticipated, but in other ways it is perfectly as challenging as it needs to be for us to move into such groundbreaking territory….and for something so far-reaching, miraculous even, to be accepted (by the mind) as a tangible reality.



©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2015 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.

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Lauren Gorgo’s latest update – check it out!

And this is just what I meant (a few days ago). I think Lauren’s Update is pretty much nailing it – like always. I do notice though, that her Pleiadian friends didn’t have anything to say to us this time. Is she changing her “lightworker identity” too? Looks like we are all part of the BIG transformation. No exemptions…. and so keep on letting go. http://thinkwithyourheart.com/22144/god-realization/