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RECAP Progression of Light energy surge

So how did it go for you? To be honest, the rest of the weekend was pretty much uneventful for me. Not so much my husband. It’s actually quite funny how his experience with this energetic shift was almost the opposite of mine. For me the beginning was more eventful and the rest, well, the rest just was….while he had a slow start but then lots of info came pouring in for him, great insights and revelations.

For me, working with the words, their energies etc. was fun. Once I felt I had explored that enough, I basically sat through the rest of the last 5 or 6 waves. This is just a great example of how one person may be affected by one shift and not by another and vice versa.

Yet I have to admit experiences like that are quite frustrating. There are times when I am SO connected, feel so in tune with my Spiritual Guidance, channeling metaphysical Beings seems like a breeze, I ask a question and immediately get an answer. Well and there are those other times…. nothing seems to work, I try to connect, I ask for assistance – but all I get is: silence.Frustrating. Know what I mean?

To be fair: I did get something this time. Just not what I EXPECTED – and that is where the big trap lies. Playing in the metaphysical arenas is a lot of fun but not once expectations get in the way. Since that is a big topic in and of itself, I will write about it a bit more next time. For now, I’ll leave it at that. The energy surge had its effect and it’ll just take time for me to be aware of the changes.

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Progression of Light ~ experience ~

Exeriencing Energy pulses – a quick update –

So how are things going? So far I can only say: results are definitely mixed. First three waves were pretty good, very creative, good connection, good work being done. But then…well, perhaps not so surprising when a communication-overhaul takes place: I had some difficulty getting any info on the last few waves of energy. How about you?

Aside from the suggestion to meditate on words I also received additional info by one of my Guides suggesting to tune in and examine “Perception through Emotion”. Yes, makes total sense…but nothing happened. the following two waves were similar. I do have to remind myself though, that I was also given the info that not all those waves and then not all of one wave may be appropriate/applicable/needed/usable for or by the individual. So we all will be affected in different ways (just as our perceptions are so diverse). So I do wait for the next ones, curious what will come through then.

On a side-note, I may not have experienced much communication during those last waves but sure some bodily reactions (hello “ascension symptoms”). During one of them I had a severe allergy-attack, itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, sneezing and wheezing without end. The moment the wave was over I was fine. So I guess I was hit by that one (only in a very different way than hoped for :-))

Let me know how you experience the waves. Any symptoms?

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Energy Pulses: How to meditate on words – and why

Just saw this post on facebook that relates to the suggestion given by Guidance: what to meditate on during the energy pulses. However, this suggestion given by Kara Schallock is a bit different. From my perspective, the suggestion during the surge is to play with “what do you associate with this word”? Other words? Sounds, Colors, Emotions…etc. etc. At least this is what happened to me. It is amazing what comes up! All this is helping to refine our perception.
I completely agree with Kara: each individual has their own perception and therefore each word will come along with different associations. Explore and have fun.I know some of the suggestions we are guided to do sometimes seem silly. Why do that? What good can that possibly do? I still remember vividly (literally), when I first started communicating with my Spirit Guides many years ago, I was given the task of staring at large pieces of color…sheets, towels, wallpaper…anything that was single-colored. I was really wondering what on earth I was doing but I felt I needed to. I meditated open-eyed in front of them, the stronger the color the better. Only much later I realized that my Guides used this to train my eyes, being playful with the frequencies of the colors. Words have an energy, a frequency just as well.
As the overall theme is “CHANGE OF COMMUNICATION” this weekend and considering that language is such an important part of human communication, it just makes sense….
Ascension: Soulstice Risings Foto.

There are so many words used in describing Ascension these days that it is important for you to understand your perception of them. What one word means to one may have a completely different meaning for another. Perception is actually based on one’s history and experience.

If you’d like, here is an exercise for you to be clear on how you perceive certain words. Write a description for each of these words; this will help you be very clear about what you read and what you say and what you hear. When listening to or reading someone else’s words, you can always ask what they mean; yet, it’s most important to understand how YOU perceive a certain word. This will show you where you are in Understanding and Awareness. And it will help you see where you might have a belief that wishes to be transformed.

Clarity, Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy, Ascension, Soul, ego, pain, Compassion…you can add more words as well.

If you can be in neutrality when seeing or hearing a particular word, you bypass your history and past experiences. You will hear and read with your Heart.

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Energy Pulse Update #1: time for next wave

Here is a short update with another time for pulse coming through. I’ll post a little more about experiences or perhaps suggestions in a few hours. According to my Guidance, time for next wave is:

4th wave will come through on Friday at 11:30pm GMT which is 1:30 pm CET or, in the US, 4:30am PDT.

So far I’ve mostly been meditating on the words given to me by Guidance, it’s been interesting to see what comes up when you “play” with a simple word and its energies for a while. Look at the associations that come up, other words, colors, emotions, simply its energies. Try it out. Here they are again:



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Update: Start time of series of energy pulses on Thursday July 16

According to the latest info, previously mentioned energy pulses will now start on Thursday – depending on your specific timezone of course, but I was looking at European as well as US timezones.

1st wave will be on Thursday at 7:30 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is 9:30 pm Central European Time or, in the US, 12:30 pm PDT (Pacific  Daylight Time).

2nd wave will come through at 10 pm GMT  (Thursday) which is 12 am CET (on Friday) which is 3 pm PDT (Thursday)

3rd wave will come through on Friday at 8 am GMT which is 10 am CET or, in the US, 11 pm PDT (Thursday)

Whoa – not easy to convert those timezones with my fuzzy mind right now, so if you want to make sure you got them right for your timezone, go to  http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx . Okay, now that we got the technical stuff out of the way: what to do during those pulses? Well, I was given a mantra-like string of words that I am to think about:


It may be worth playing a bit with these words, exploring them, combining them with “perception”. For example: what is it like to perceive from a relaxed perspective, from a focused perspective, with intent…etc. At least that is what I am told.

I am also told that there will be several more waves coming through until the 19th. I will keep you posted with the exact times once I have them…. well, so much for now, more later.

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Another series of energy pulses on its way

Saw an article saying “something’s brewing” on one of the spiritual websites. My sense is that the brewing has gone on for quite a while now. To me it feels more like “something’s boiling” at this point. Feels more like a pressure-cooker. Perhaps it is due to yet another energetic surge my  guidance says is starting  Wednesday night/Thursday morning sometime. Now we’ve had many of these energy-shifts and surges over the past months, past years even…. but not everyone is affected the same way.  We aren’t all on the same path. Yes, there are many so-called lightworkers out there but not all have the same path. Not all channelers’ messages will resonate to you the same way. Some speak to you, others not so much and that too can change over time (it has for me). So when this next surge is coming in, you may or may not be aware of it or its effects. Nothing to worry about, it’s just the way it is. So much is being offered in the “spiritual” (I personally prefer the word “metaphysical”) arena, it is hard to distinguish: “what’s meant for me” ? This is up to each individual’s own discernment and if you trust your inner guidance, you’ll end up exactly where you need to be, with the relevant info meant for YOU.

That said, I trust that the ones in need for this little bit of info will get it – this way or another. I received information concerning an influx of energy (approx. July 15 – 19, when I am clearer about starting time, I’ll update) affecting communication in the whole Universe, the way we communicate. This starts out in the metaphysical realms but will hopefully (eventually) affect the physical world as well. How? If only I knew!

So here is the info my husband and I received via Spirit Guides:

There will be a series of energy pulses starting the 16th and culminating the 19th.  The pulses originate with a star group somewhere out there.  (This is actually part of the “Progression of Light” that I mentioned earlier on my blog.) This is the fifth series we have/will experience.  This series of energetic pulses is about communication.  In recent eons a common method of metaphysical, etc. communication has been packets — layers of info formed into a package to be opened by the recipient. We were told that the packet system is being phased out to be replaced by an earlier system — direct access to flows.  The amount/level of info one can access is determined by his/her degree of perception.  This old/new system is to morph into something else later.
Presumably we are to be focused on refining our perceptions (in all senses here and  – metaphysical realms-) before the pulsing starts and then focus on whatever new refinements we can perceive — I assume this relates to all species.  We are also told this will have some (limited) effect on the human collective.
Anyhow, just thought I’d share and will keep you posted over the next few days with more…

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Information and Change

This post refers to a “frequency shift” around July 16 – 17 which fits with the recent info I was given by my Guides.
In my last post “what’s going on” I was talking about an increase of pressure and felt urgency from Gidance to “tune in” more and spend more time meditating as I am being prepared for yet another “event” = energetic shift …which supposedly also affects us humans. Well, the timeframe I was given fits pretty well with the ones given here, perhaps just a bit earlier, but definitely towards the next weekend. No matter when the energy flows commence…if we are tuned in, we’ll feel the nudges when it is time to sit quietly and open up to experience the shift. I am sure if your Spirit Guides consider this shift important for you, they’ll make the provisions for you to do so, so if you are busy with mortal life issues during that time, don’t worry because part of you can be tuned in, will be tuned in and experience what’s happening. More on that another time…. So here is the post about info and change

My Limited Vu

Recently a friend was commenting on the lack of new information coming from channelers and other spokespersons for the metaphysical/spiritual planes.  After a bit of thought from my limited point of view I decided to make the following my first post.

Hope seems to be a primary purpose of spirit entities providing info to the channelers. Without a frequent infusion of hope many of us wouldn’t survive the constant media blows of confusion and fear. We hope for change in whatever form – “things will be better soon”, ascension, 5D, whatever. We hope for manifestation of personal and collective desires; winning lottery numbers, a new relationship, whatever. We hope…

There appear to be two other primary purposes of channeling: 1) connection to, awareness of the conscious Universe, and 2) the evolution (growth) of our mortal minds to prepare us for future roles in the conscious Universe. I’m relatively certain that…

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