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An Awakening …. to Death

„God is the denial of denials“  Meister Eckhart

For most people, a Spiritual Awakening – as unsettling, disruptive or shocking it may appear in the beginning – is perceived as a positive, eye-opening, mind-expanding experience. There’s another type of ‘Mortal’ Awakening happening right now, one that may be experienced just as disruptive and upsetting – or even more so. While the first opens our perception to something that’s beyond this world, this reality, and let’s us take a ‘look behind the veils’, the latter is showing us what’s right in front of our eyes: what’s happening to our physical world.

As my own Spiritual Awakening seemed to unfold over the course of many years, my ‘Mortal Awakening’ in 2017 was more of the jolted-me-awake type. Both events represented life-changing shifts of consciousness for me but they had another important aspect in common: DEATH.

One of the crucial elements of my Spiritual Awakening was the realization that physical life may end with death but consciousness does transcend it. This shift in perception was significant but didn’t affect any of my day-to-day life much until 14 months ago when I woke up from my blissful ignorance about the current ‘state of affairs’ and became acutely aware of the predicament we are facing. When I say “we” I mean all living beings on this beautiful planet. After extensive research and diving into the science of Abrupt Climate Change, current level of pollution, limits to resources (and growth) on earth as well as exponential growth,  it was clear to me that we are in another extinction cycle. One of several this planet has gone through.

Nothing to get excited about, really…except for the fact that things are happening much faster than previously predicted. Generations of humans currently alive will witness dramatic changes worldwide within a much shorter time than we ever have in history (at least to my limited knowledge). I suppose then my awakening was caused by a ‘near-death-experience’ as you frequently hear about in spiritual circles, only this one was the awareness of a potential ‘near death’ (whatever ‘near’ means)  for not only myself but many other species as well, a mass extinction.


How can it be then, that on the spiritual websites that I used to visit in the past there’s only talk about this magical, wonderful world that we are about to experience soon? I suppose they‘re not referring to this reality. But if they are, they‘re truly waiting for miracles to happen. As much as I love miracles I’d then tend to go with Carolyn Baker and Andrew Harvey‘s assessment of an „…emphasis in spiritual cirles on a fake compassion and cheerfulness….[where] people have been trained in habits they call spiritual but which really are designed to reinforce bypassing and dissociation…“

Suddenly it dawned on me: this sense of hyperactive overindulgement in numbing entertainment that I’ve been witnessing around me (and been guilty of myself) is simply an attempt to dissociate from the reality we’re facing on this planet. Now it all makes sense. The human collective, or rather the collective unconscious, is – at a deep level – very aware of the dire situation we are in. That’s why anxieties, depression, aggression and a constant state of busy-ness are dis-eases going rampant these days. These are either direct responses to the lifestressors we’re currently exposed to or distractions, defense-mechanisms to keep that growing knowledge about our – and so many other species‘ – demise at bay.

I was shocked to see how much I, myself, have been guilty of either escapism and spiritual bypass (when I tried to escape to the other realms where everything was so much better) or complete denial by „always being too busy“ or „too exhausted“ or simply numbing myself by surfing the internet.

Thanks to my „Awakening to death“ I realized life is too short for this sh!#. Time to live. 2018 will mark a new chapter in my book. One of my first steps was to quit my job. No idea where this journey is taking me but it’s time to make the best out of what remains. Love fiercely and live (com)passionately to the fullest!

Happy New Year!



For those of you interested in further reading I added a few links that only represent a portion of those that I found helpful in understanding what’s going on. If you’re interested in finding out more about the planet’s environmental situation, climate change etc – pls search for your own sources, there are plenty to choose from.








….and check out articles or the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert ‘6th mass extinction’



CHANGE of tides

5 months ago I posted the ‘wave of change‘ and indeed I got hit by a huge wave. Was it a wipe out? I am not sure. I definitely feel ‘wiped out’ at this point….but I am still here, alive and ticking. This will be a different post and shorter than my previous ones. I simply wanted to inform those who have visited my blog in the past 5 months without finding any new posts and (some) who asked if everything was okay that, yes, I am fine – exhausted but fine. Thank you so much for caring. It has been a busy time. Life is not the same anymore, not only on a personal level. We live in a different world than we did 5 months ago. Now where were you again in February?

Anyway, while the past few months seemed to be dominated by changes in the mundane physical world and surroundings, it seems my focus is now shifting back to the metaphysical realms. From running around and being ‘out and about’ I am ready to put on the brakes and focus within. I am basically just stopping by at my blog before going into hibernation (also called ‘my cave’). Once again I retreat from the ongoing buzz of daily life into a more meditative state focused on connecting to the metaphysical realms (see my post from december ‘Changing tradition‘). It seems counterintuitive to turn inwards in the summer when all the action is going on outside but I’m also aware of the importance of listening to one’s own unique rhythm and needs.When it means ‘swimming against the current’ then that’ll be what I will do.

See you upon my return….although at this point I cannot see myself returning to ‘the old ways’ of blogging once I get out of my cave, but who knows….there may be yet another change. Things happen so quickly these days, it is hard to keep up with it all. Wave after wave……






The wave of CHANGE

next waveHave you been hit by it as well ? There is a wave of change that seems to be crashing into this reality with full force. Will I be able to ride it or is it going to be a wipe out? At this point I have no clue how I am supposed to get through this and not be washed away by all the NEW coming up everywhere.

Ever since the second week of January life has taken on a completely different rhythm. Could it be that all those months years of living in limbo are finally over? For months I’ve been wanting to write a post but nothing ever made it to the blog. The old ways of writing  / communicating don’t feel right anymore. Everything seems to go through a process of reevaluation. In the past weeks when I thought of blogging it felt more like a chore than a fun experiment of sharing my Spiritual adventures so it may be time to take a longer break.

For so many months the emphasis (of my life)  seemed to be on the metaphysical side with so-called ascension symptoms reminding me that I was still integrating all that work I was doing ‘on the other side’ into this reality, this body. For the most part though, it felt like I wasn’t really here. However, since the beginning of January I find myself participating very much in THIS reality, involved in several new projects at the same time. This was unthinkable a few weeks ago when the mere thought of getting anything accomplished that went beyond my one-day-horizon seemed impossible. No. Energy. Left.

Now the game has changed – and I wonder how many of you feel it too. Have we finally made the transition – the change that we’ve all been waiting for? Is this the completion of the shift I was told about and mentioned in my post ‘Intense transformative times‘? Is all the work that we have done in the metaphysical realms  finally coming to fruition in this 3D reality as well? Is it possible that we have reached a level of integration where playing in several dimensions (including this one)  is happening with less and less effort and becoming the norm?

Earlier on my Spiritual Journey I read energy updates and other channeled material to either see if I had the same experiences or what was supposedly ahead of us. I got tired of those repetitive channeled messages – they all seemed to say the same thing. However, it seems that the undertone of their writings seems to have changed in the last month, there is a noticeable change – in all of them. So what’s this wave of change about? Who knows  – best to go with the flow and let it surprise you.

Depending on whether I will master the wave or wipe out, you may hear from me or……. In any case I wish you all fun experiencing the changes within and without and being (in) the NEW.



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Lauren Gorgo’s LOVELETTER

In the last 2 weeks (and to some degree before) I’ve had an increasing sense of detachment, so it is a little hard for me to see the “growing urgency within to create the new”. Still, I wouldn’t mind getting (back) to it. There have been times in the past when I couldn’t wait for the NEW to happen, but not so much at the moment. Am I just a little slow and need to catch up with that development? Or is anyone else out there who feels like me, feeling VERY detached from so many things happening in this 3D-reality?  I guess it is a good thing, considering all the chaos and destruction going on ‘out there’ …but nevertheless I wonder why I’ve been feeling as if in a bubble since the famous last blood moon? Perhaps it’s needed to really have a fresh start? What do YOU think?



A new season. A new cycle.  A new frequency. A new earth.  Endings and beginnings simultaneously abound as we merge into ONEness: core wounds surface/healings & wholings prevail…karmic creations wither/manifestations of the HEART proliferate as never before…old projects come to completion/new projects finally get off the ground…old relationships fall away/new relationships suddenly appear…all in the name of (right) NOW.

THIS is present-moment/real time-creation…where the past and future converge into ONE.

As our humanity & divinity conjoins we are no doubt moving thru a strong transition stream incurred from the magnanimous wave of energy that hit our shores in September. And while we experience this never-before-experienced frequency on earth we continue to calibrate our bodies and reorient our focus to the new landscape.

The topography has yet to fully reveal itself thru our inner sight and yet, there is a growing urgency within to create the new…to build…to put our thoughts, ideas, sacred visions & projects to paper. And immediately so. Even if we are still unsure what that means or how, the clarion call has sounded and there are those who are being called into the game without a moment’s notice and with so much to do it seems impossible.  But DO we must.  In fact, we are learning (by DOing) that what used to be impossible by old standards, it is very much possible now….long as we maintain our inner-stillness as the energies accelerate and swirl around us.

Luckily, with the growing urgency to create comes an increasing confidence, courage and the conviction necessary to take the leaps needed to forge radical change in our lives and ultimately the world.  Deep down we are starting to feel the true merit of our worth rising to meet us, right in the nick of time…at the same moment many new options and opportunities open before us.

In some cases, we are coming full circle…returning to THE place we left off when our awakening was triggered, albeit at a higher level of the spiral, with a whole new perspective and way of BEing. In other situations, we are moving into entirely new life circumstances called into BEing by our soul’s true purpose for being here at this time.

However your true Self & life emerges, realize that the final blood moon closed the door on the old (causal) creation dynamic which means the actual mechanics…how we work with these new energies….has changed.

Now that we have been reborn into unity, you may be noticing this shift in dynamic and that things don’t work like they used to…that the old creation system is dissolving (think: financial drought) as we collectively materialize the crystal clarity of christ consciousness on earth. If you are stuck spinning your wheels know that in order to access, mold and manifest your creativity in this new energy you must move in order to be moved…that there is no “time” in 5D to support (linear) pre-planning. (To learn more about this new/ancient system of creation…how & why it works…..see revolutionary new e-course offering.)

New life is calling each and every one of us in our own way.  As you find the courage to come into your own, to heal all separation, to live independently of the external systems that still govern your world in order to create according to your soul’s true intentions for being here, the doors to the universe will literally open to you.

We’ve certainly been thru hell and high water to bring this energy to the planet but we’re here now and I have personally never felt more genuine excitement & possibility about (new) life on earth. Every moment is beginning to feel like one worth relishing in. Every step forward, a reminder that we get to experience it in a brand new way!

gorgo sign


KAYPACHA ~ time of destiny

This is the time of destiny – what more do I need to say? Hope you enjoy Kaypacha’s report! 

2390929 From KAYPACHA:

“I hope you have your seat belts fastened for this wild and crazy Lunar Eclipse weekend!  As I mentioned in the Pele Report, these eclipse seasons are times to expect the unexpected, prepare for chaos, and look for the hidden meaning, intention, and guidance that is constantly coming through all life events.  If you are not too attached, it can be a fun adventure/game experience with many “Ah Ha!” moments and new connections.  Needless to say, if you are attached it can be rather upsetting. I’m writing this on my way home to Costa Rica after a month of visiting and meeting new friends in North America.  How about that new headgear I got at the Tribal Visons festival that I wore for the Pele Report?  Ha ha!  At first I hesitated, wanting to maintain credibility, and then came to my senses lol!  Boils down again to my favorite mantra:  “Whatever,”  as I too am working toward my Aquarius Pluto Polarity Point (PPP) of non-attachment and finding that it comes down to having a good time after all!

If I’m to make my dreams come true,
I need to improve my aim,
By focusing and knowing my priorities,
Before I enter the game.

Well, these days there is just so much going on that if you try to do it all you will either do a lousy job on everything or fail to get it all done!  Hence the need to decide those priorities and only do what is REALLY on your path.

The bottom line of course, then, comes down to “Are you on your path?” and the need to more clearly define your path, your goals, your direction, and your purpose….. so we are talking bigger stuff than just “getting things done.”  There is a Spirit purpose behind flooding us all with big plans, dreams, and visions that take tons of time, energy and attention to accomplish.  That is that we all get to know ourselves on new and deeper levels through choosing what we want/can do and what we need to pass on.

Wishing you the best as you draw your lines in the sand and carve out that special niche in life just for you.  Injoy!

So Much Love!



Intense transformative times

During July and August, the internet was buzzing with a great variety of predictions from ‘wave x’ to ‘the tsunami of love’, another financial crisis, a meteor hitting earth and numerous other big events.  So like many of us I was curious what September would bring, wondering if big change is near. Well, perhaps it’s not THE big one, but for me – and many others – September seems to be a transformative month.

The information I received may apply to you, or not. I decided to share it here as it may be ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ for some. Especially those who have been struggling with the ‘side effects’ of their spiritual path, aka spiritual growing pains, may be interested in this little bit of information I am offering. As with all things, take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. The following info was brought through over a period of 10 days by my Spirit Guides and a group of other metaphysicals I regularly contact.

During a meditation session on September 8th, I started hearing the words ‘in and out’ referring to a back-and-forth movement between dimensions. The image accompanying these words was a revolving door that kept turning. What I then perceived was as if something was being ‘unhooked’ from the left hemisphere of my brain and then plugged in to the right hemisphere. The message was: ‘”This is to make progress, progression INTO the light. There are light frequencies that won’t harm you but they will destroy parts of lightbodyyou, leftovers from old times, previous centuries of human, humanity’s development.” I was told that this process would touch my mortal life although it wouldn’t have the dramatic changes I  might be wishing for. I was reminded to eat lightly, drink lots of water (the usual stuff when major energetic shifts take place and the body needs to cope). I was warned that this ‘phase of recalibration’ would come with some discomfort but that I needed to ‘endure’ it to make the leap into the next evolutionary step. Towards the end of the session, I was urged to focus with intent and spend half an hour each day meditating on this ‘task’. The severe impact (strong physical reactions) would last for 3 weeks – after that they were supposed to lessen. I was also asked NOT to perceive them as as the annoying symptoms they are but to see them simply as indicators of change.

This was followed, 5 days later, by another message relating to the current ‘process’. The weekend of the solar eclipse – one that really knocked me off my feet – I had a meditation dna-ugduring which I communicated with a group of entities called ‘the Transformationists’. I perceived the image of human DNA and along with that the message “DNA lightcode activation”. That was it. I had no idea what they were talking about but it was clear that this was what’s happening to me.

Finally, on September 16th, I woke up in the middle of the night, knowing one of my primary guides ‘visited’ me. I was too tired to engage in any kind of conversation but since he rarely shows up, I felt it was important. So in the morning, I tried to make contact. He had come in to show me support during this ‘difficult time’ . When I asked about duration of this shift, how long I was to anticipate dealing with these physical reactions, he indicated that the shift should be over by mid March. I was told that this also applied to others on the spiritual path. So there it is, the light at the end of the tunnel! September may not mark the unfolding of big events changing the earth – as some seem to hope – but it already has been an intense, transformative month for me!


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KAYPACHA ~ pele report: The Solar Eclipse sets the tone

The Eclipse season is here. This weekend, we’ll have a Partial Solar Eclipse.  If you do not happen to live in South Africa or be on an expedition in the Antarctica, then you should have your boat ready and in position in the Ocean. Chances are good you can view it from there. It’ll be visible from South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 🙂  Please see map below. The rest of us may just feel the energies shift.  Wherever you are: Enjoy!



Quite amazing to have another Eclipse season coming upon us, as it seems like the last wasn’t that long ago!  The Solar Eclipse sets the tone for the next 6 months according to the ancients, so we can look at this weekend for signs of what is to come. Yikes, personally, I’m doing an intensive this weekend on Pluto, Scorpio, and 8th house….. hope I don’t spend the next 6 months down there lol!

I’m really excited to be creating and posting some future workshops in different parts of the globe next year and have a few more coming in the wings.  I don’t want to be a naysayer, but we do have some housecleaning, both personal and planetary that needs to be done and these next 12 months with Jupiter in Virgo will be helping us become aware of it!  So roll up the sleeves and get ready to dig in!

What is the old saying… “If it doesn’t kill ya, it’ll make you stronger.”?  Hope you are eating and exercising, and making healthy choices in every area of life so that the river flows with less obstruction.  On the river bank for this Pele Report, and off to Colorado and points beyond tomorrow.

For more info on the NPA community and to join check out THIS LINK.


I love that life is a mystery,

The more I begin to see,

Her slowly sharing her secrets,

And showing myself to me.

Time to finish setting the table for the guests are about to arrive!  The Solar Eclipse this weekend in Virgo wants everything perfect for the banquet to begin.  This may require going back over some “old forgotten details” in the projects, relationships, initiatives, and health, maybe even stretching back to how we have been treating ourselves since childhood.

It can be a week when Life brings us our issues to look at and “fix” prior to moving on.  Through some of the “crisis” that may emerge, it will be helpful to maintain the attitude that everybody and everything will be better off in the long run and that we can be in a state of gratitude rather than victim when being shown our “faulty” ways.

One tendency might be to try and avoid or deny the problem/s, procrastinate or give up when shown how much effort is required to get back on track.  Fortunately, Venus and Mars together in Leo trine Uranus can give us some original creative ways to deal with just about anything.  Particularly in the realm of love and relationship, it is a time to brainstorm in new ways of being in relationship with ourselves and our partner/s rather than dwell on how the current situation needs changing.  The more proactive we are now, the less reactive we may be later!  Enjoy working it all out (and not just in the gym)!

So Much Love!



Suffering from Ascension?

” I suddenly felt hit by depression, nausea and dizziness – anyone know if there are any solar flares?” “I feel pressures on my head, sensitive spots and my skin is itchy, tingling etc. – is earth getting another energetic download?”

There’ s lots of talk on the internet about Ascension Symptoms. You may have them too. Some call them Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, others refer to them as Lightbody Activations, Kundalini Awakening Symptoms or simply Spiritual Growing Pains.

indexMany of us who suffer these ominous side effects of Spiritual Awakening relate them directly to energetic shifts of planet Earth. However, not all of these strange, unpleasant inexplicable experiences are necessarily caused by aforementioned energetic shifts. There are other possible explanations for these occurrences that you may be labelling “Ascension Symptoms”. Today I want to address some potential factors other than planetary/universal influences. Being on the spiritual path makes us increasingly sensitive to ANY energies. It is not limited to planetary changes or solar/lunar activity.

Here are some common sources for bodily reactions that I have encountered during my Spiritual Journey but there may be other causes I’m not currently aware of. You’re welcome to complete the list according to your own experiences.

1.PLANETARY ACTION – including, but not limited to, solar flares, energy waves flowing through the Omniverse, Universe, Galaxy, Solar System; special planetary constellations (ask your favorite astrologer), a full moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse…

2.CORDING – energetically hooked into someone/something

  • a) Metaphysicals  – Have you been meditating or “playing in the Universe” without sufficient protection? There may be metaphysicals who simply got interested in you. They may not have any mischievous intent but by hooking into you they may be causing problems. The result is more likely to be emotional but could include (other) physical reactions as well.
  • b) Individual mortals – these are usually select humans that you interact or have a close relationship with
  • c) The Human Collective – you might be hooked into the “human collective” and get a sense of what IT is undergoing. There are times when waves of anxiety, fear or anger sweep through the human collective. If you suddenly find yourself depressed, anxious or angry, it could be linked to your human connection.
  • d) You may be cording someone else – if you are consciously or unconsciously reaching out to someone else, you are also hooked into their energies. This can cause reactions on your part (depending on how they’re feeling at the time).

3.SPIRIT GUIDES – you may call them Angels, Higher Self, Companions…

  • a) Believe it or not: your own Guidance may be the root of your last bout of depression. These are unintended side effects of their work. I’ve experienced times of rewiring and realigning of energies, during which I received some kind of “downloads”. Afterwards I was hit by depression, a headache or several sensitive spots on my skull….or all of the above. When our energies are changed, our chemistry is being changed. The body reacts – unfortunately not always in a pleasant way. Sometimes the body goes into fear when you go “OBE” (out-of-body) and pulls you back by creating severe physical symptoms.
  • b) Guides are using physical symptoms to get your attention – these can range from body tingling,  or chills to stinging or more severe ones. Ask your Guides if it’s them – this might be an easy one to clear.
  • c) Lack of connection can also cause symptoms. This is usually a trigger for depression, especially if you’ve gone through a period of strong, close connection and suddenly feel a void.

4. YOU – Expectations, Perceptions etc.

  • don’t forget your own role in all of this. If you read “energetic downloads” are about to happen – how does that affect your expectations, your perception of your body? The internet is wonderful in many respects…but can easily cause “mass hysteria” (see posted here).

So next time you’re “getting hit” you may want to consider a few more options than just “the energies of the Universe” being the culprit. Aaaah the complexity of it all…


Last but not least: Remember to make sure the symptoms you are experiencing aren’t related to any other health issues…..and remember this post is based on MY limited perception – yours may be completely different. In the end we perceive what we need to – depending on where we are on our path.