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Change of plan

Ever since I started devoting a significant portion of my life to my metaphysical path, since this “Journey of Becoming” became such an important part of my life, making plans has basically become pointless. If I ever attempt to make any (and I am a bit stubborn with that one) they tend to get changed anyway. So my plan to post something halfway intelligible …. has changed. What’s new? I seem to be undergoing some kind of reconfiguring/restructuring/recalibrating that won’t let me focus on much of anything on this plane.


So instead of sharing some of my own thoughts or experiences, I thought you might enjoy someone else’s tales of the metaphysical. The story “Texan in 3 parts”   is a wonderful read and another example of different ways of perceiving. A creature that one person perceives as a demon straight out of the Bible, is “simply a being from another plane” (Texan part 2) for another. Different experiences, different perceptions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Texan stories…

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How it all got started

My early years in life were pretty noneventful. Unlike many of the lightworkers who have their own blogs and websites and write about how they always felt different and knew they were starbeings or starseed, I had no such thoughts or knowledge. I may have felt “different” now and then and always tried to “fit in” but had no idea of the metaphysical endeavours  awaiting me in later years of my life. In my early twenties I went through a major crisis. This was the time my journey started….for another 10+ years it took a slow start, I didn’t really know what I was seeking but somehow I knew there was “more” out there that I was aware of at that time. More that had to give this life here meaning. In hindsight I can see that my search started this early but it wasn’t until 2005 when the “search” really took off and a whole new world opened up to me.

A friend suggested to call someone she knew who had “unbelievable” skills, someone who worked as an energy healer and lifecoach – over the phone. I wondered how that was even possible since I had nevcer done anything like it. I called. The one sentence he said that really changed my life was: “what is most important for you right now is to be who you truly are” …well, that and being told that I have metaphysical guides. WHAT? Now THAT got me really curious and there I was: becoming a student of metaphysics, getting a very different view of the world than I had had those previous 35 years.

That’s how it all got started.