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NorthPoint Astrology ~ Pam Younghans Sept. 14 to 20, 2015

“liberating ourselves from our lower nature and becoming that which we already are on a higher plane.” is what stuck out the most for me in this weekly update by Pam Younghans. This, however, doesn’t only apply to the coming week but to the next 27 months! Well, here is the report/ link to the full report:

Your guide to planetary energies for

September 14 to 20, 2015

By Pam Younghans

THREE NOTABLE planetary events occur this week, clustered within 24 hours of each other. The schedule reads (in PDT): On Wednesday, Jupiter opposite Neptune at 11:53pm; on Thursday, Mercury goes retrograde at 11:09am, and Saturn enters Sagittarius at 7:49pm.The most intriguing of these three events, in my estimation, is the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. We’ve already been working with this influence for a couple of weeks as it has been building to exactitude  …CONTINUE READING HERE

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KAYPACHA ~ pele report: The Solar Eclipse sets the tone

The Eclipse season is here. This weekend, we’ll have a Partial Solar Eclipse.  If you do not happen to live in South Africa or be on an expedition in the Antarctica, then you should have your boat ready and in position in the Ocean. Chances are good you can view it from there. It’ll be visible from South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 🙂  Please see map below. The rest of us may just feel the energies shift.  Wherever you are: Enjoy!



Quite amazing to have another Eclipse season coming upon us, as it seems like the last wasn’t that long ago!  The Solar Eclipse sets the tone for the next 6 months according to the ancients, so we can look at this weekend for signs of what is to come. Yikes, personally, I’m doing an intensive this weekend on Pluto, Scorpio, and 8th house….. hope I don’t spend the next 6 months down there lol!

I’m really excited to be creating and posting some future workshops in different parts of the globe next year and have a few more coming in the wings.  I don’t want to be a naysayer, but we do have some housecleaning, both personal and planetary that needs to be done and these next 12 months with Jupiter in Virgo will be helping us become aware of it!  So roll up the sleeves and get ready to dig in!

What is the old saying… “If it doesn’t kill ya, it’ll make you stronger.”?  Hope you are eating and exercising, and making healthy choices in every area of life so that the river flows with less obstruction.  On the river bank for this Pele Report, and off to Colorado and points beyond tomorrow.

For more info on the NPA community and to join check out THIS LINK.


I love that life is a mystery,

The more I begin to see,

Her slowly sharing her secrets,

And showing myself to me.

Time to finish setting the table for the guests are about to arrive!  The Solar Eclipse this weekend in Virgo wants everything perfect for the banquet to begin.  This may require going back over some “old forgotten details” in the projects, relationships, initiatives, and health, maybe even stretching back to how we have been treating ourselves since childhood.

It can be a week when Life brings us our issues to look at and “fix” prior to moving on.  Through some of the “crisis” that may emerge, it will be helpful to maintain the attitude that everybody and everything will be better off in the long run and that we can be in a state of gratitude rather than victim when being shown our “faulty” ways.

One tendency might be to try and avoid or deny the problem/s, procrastinate or give up when shown how much effort is required to get back on track.  Fortunately, Venus and Mars together in Leo trine Uranus can give us some original creative ways to deal with just about anything.  Particularly in the realm of love and relationship, it is a time to brainstorm in new ways of being in relationship with ourselves and our partner/s rather than dwell on how the current situation needs changing.  The more proactive we are now, the less reactive we may be later!  Enjoy working it all out (and not just in the gym)!

So Much Love!



KAYPACHA ~ pele report : Is it work or play?

I am a bit late with this post, but here it is…the pele report. He talks about Sun and Jupiter being “Gang Busters”. Get out into nature! Get into action…and then there is the complete opposite: Full Moon in Pisces joining Neptune makes us want to stay in bed and dream….that’s me at the moment! How do you balance between earthly physical life and the dreamworld? Where do you find yourself at the moment?

Whether I call it work or play,

It’s time for me to seize the day,

Roll up my sleeves and get down to business,

To cook up a world that is warm and delicious.

Full Moon in Pisces, woo hoo!  Time to connect, dance, sing, play, and enjoy!  Hopefully you can get out in nature, hugging some trees, hunting down gnomes, and talking to fairies.  The only challenge there, as pointed out in this week’s report, is the possibility of going overboard with food, drink, and/or dancing until you drop.

The full Moon is accompanied by Venus and Mars coming together to love, laugh, and play in Leo.  It is a wonderful time to see how balanced and integrated you have your masculine and feminine sides.  Simply witness how much love, competition, passion, or lack thereof manifests for you this week.  If it is not quite what you would like this can be a time to find out why, heal, release, and open, so over the next couple of months that changes!  Go for it!

So Much Love!


PS: Sorry for the small size – tried a few times but editing just doesn’t work for me today 🙂 Hope you enjoy the post anyway. It’s the content that counts, right?

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KAYPACHA ~ pele report: before creating the NEW gotta clean up the OLD

Here we go again: the weekly pele-report. I am so glad some of us can still function in these energies and produce sensible sentences. I wasn’t sure if I could post ANYTHING this week. I’ve been experiencing difficulties adjusting to the current energies. It seem like they’ve been increasing in intensity ever since January of 2013, however there have been times when it’s been stepped up a bit even more. This is one of those times – at least for me. I know we all have our individual ways of experiencing and reacting to the energies – but from what I’ve heard, I am not the only one struggling right now. Ever had that experience of waking up with the overwhelming feeling of a major hangover or as if you’ve bumped your head in the wall last night? But none of it happened. Hope you are doing better than me…..

Is it our “OLD EGO dying” as Kaypacha says …. or perhaps already the NEW that is coming in? Once my brain is functioning again, I may write more about that. In the meantime: Enjoy Kaypacha

Hola Fellow Earthlings!

Ever feel like “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling?”  Well, when Venus, the planet of love disappears like she has, it may just feel that way.  As I mention in the report, you may also be wondering “Where has all the money gone?” as in astrology, Venus rules love and money (they do go well together don’t they haha!).  Anyway, as she is in her retrograde cycle, it is time to have a redo, a remake, a remodel on what we value, “own,” and love, so I hope you are flexible!  Sometimes, if we don’t let it go, it may just get taken away so the advice is to heed the warning signals.

As for me, well, I’m doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse just in time to lead this journey Friday morning. Good timing?  Hope I don’t have to take a break in the middle!  The link is below if you feel inclined and have the time to join in what will probably be an hour long event.  If you are a member of the New Paradigm Astrology community, you will be getting a recording of that journey soon along with a whole bunch of other astro-goodies.  If you are not a member you may want to check out the bennies HERE.

When it’s all, all gone, absolutely nothing left,
No hopes, no aims, no desire remains,
It is here in complete vulnerability,
That I cultivate the ability,
To let go of all past pain,
Allowing only love to remain.

In the meantime, let it all go! What has been coming up for you lately has its origins deep in your soul history and the “players” in front of you have many other soul/spirits behind them from who knows how long ago. Feel into it and wish it farewell, goodbye, and clear your space. It can be scary to “give up the ghost,” and change the identity.

The confusion of Jupiter/Mercury opposite Neptune is also part of the shape-shifting we are capable of these days. It is like we are playing multiple characters in the play of life, and now we’re between acts changing costumes to come out a whole new character. Through August and September, we will be wrapping up projects, relationships, and attitudes adopted last December so put a bow on it and kiss it goodbye! Injoy!

To join Kaypacha for the New Moon, Venus/Sun conjunction Friday morning PDT please visit: https://plus.google.com/events/citp7rssjktue6r9cc951ha5mk4

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RECAP Progression of Light energy surge

So how did it go for you? To be honest, the rest of the weekend was pretty much uneventful for me. Not so much my husband. It’s actually quite funny how his experience with this energetic shift was almost the opposite of mine. For me the beginning was more eventful and the rest, well, the rest just was….while he had a slow start but then lots of info came pouring in for him, great insights and revelations.

For me, working with the words, their energies etc. was fun. Once I felt I had explored that enough, I basically sat through the rest of the last 5 or 6 waves. This is just a great example of how one person may be affected by one shift and not by another and vice versa.

Yet I have to admit experiences like that are quite frustrating. There are times when I am SO connected, feel so in tune with my Spiritual Guidance, channeling metaphysical Beings seems like a breeze, I ask a question and immediately get an answer. Well and there are those other times…. nothing seems to work, I try to connect, I ask for assistance – but all I get is: silence.Frustrating. Know what I mean?

To be fair: I did get something this time. Just not what I EXPECTED – and that is where the big trap lies. Playing in the metaphysical arenas is a lot of fun but not once expectations get in the way. Since that is a big topic in and of itself, I will write about it a bit more next time. For now, I’ll leave it at that. The energy surge had its effect and it’ll just take time for me to be aware of the changes.

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Ready for Solstice?

Here we are, half of 2015 is over already. I still can’t believe we’re that far into the year! And tomorrow it is time to celebrate the longest day in the year….and so much more. Are you ready ?

I’ve noticed that there is less and less NEW being said lately – on the new-age-websites – as if no one really knows what is going on / is going to happen …and / or  they simply have said it all. Lots of messages sound very repetitive to me now. In the last few weeks I got tired “surfing” my usual internet-connections, the channelers and other new-agey-sites that I used to go to. There is nothing new coming out of them. Have we reached a point where “all has been said”? Or is the internet reaching a point of exhaustion? I wish I wouldn’t have to turn to it…. but somehow it’s been the easiest way to at least find some people who are on similar paths. Channelers who used to write about “this and that coming up” have gotten more quiet (at least those who aren’t faking it) and it seems we’ve entered a time of BIG CHANGE where even metaphysicals who are their source of info have less and less of an idea where “project earth” is going. Are we just part of a big experiment 🙂 ?

I guess it doesn’t matter…. as we are in it and should be in for it all. Supposedly – as so many write – we “signed up for this”. Hmmm… my Spirit Guides never told me that, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. I have to admit though, I am curious though, where this is all going. It just would be nice if those BIG CHANGES could also take place right here in our mortal lives! My body gives me indication (which, translated, means: hunger and cravings for FOOD) that there are more and more energy shifts coming. I have noticed this – and heard and read it from many others – that this is one of the defense-mechanisms we seem to go through when energetic shifts are hitting us, hitting earth. With the frequency of hits that we seem to be experiencing this year, I am not going to lose weight soon, that’s for sure 😦

Best thing to do: communicate with your Spirit Guides and body to see how you can ease this time of transformation for the body but also the rest of you. As the “rest” = ego isn’t always happy to go through all these changes or at least not through the side-effects. No, thank you. Talk to your body, be kind to it, it does need love too! It does need attention and it not only reacts to the energy shifts and integration of new frequencies with aches and pains and other reactions because it needs to readjust and may have its problems doing so. The pains and aches also draw attention to the body – so it is a way to pull us back into “this reality” when we are spending lots of time in other realities, “leaving our bodies”.

Anyway, have a good time in the ongoing transformation, in Becoming! I’m courious to see if Solstice brings in another wave of energetic upgrade. Since I am not as earth-bound anymore as I used to, I don’t have a strong feel for it. So I’ll just go with the flow….

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Consciousness of plants…. SO amazing. MUST SEE!

If only more humans would be more aware of what’s going on all around us. Consciousness is everywhere. Seeing this video makes it hard to be a vegetarian (or vegan for that matter). They are intelligent beings adding more than just beauty to our lives…check out this video, it really is a MUST for those of us who love plants….. but beware: if you love eating veggies, plants, fruit, you might have difficulty after viewing this

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Transformation: no pain no gain?

Looks like this part of the journey through transformation is getting tougher. At least my body “feels so”. It feels like it is holding on to dear life by making sure I am grounded….and the best way to do that is eat, eat , eat. Yep.

Whatever energy-shifts we are going through – may it be the Progression of Light or an overall shift – it definitely has its effects. Or why else do I feel like my body can’t get enough? Allergies are acting up a bit again as well as sensitivities….and then there are the aches and pains that seem to be most prominent in the legs. Heavy legs, poor legs – they’re caught between the earth energies, grounding us and the higher energies entering our bodies from up above. I feel like it is time to be nicer to my body and let it know that “everything will be okay”. Or as they said in the Best Exotic Marigold hotel:

“Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end”

So I guess it is not the end yet 🙂


Progression of Light – May 14th – 18th

…once again we have a Progression of Light (PofL) on its way. This one’s theme is CHANGE !! Yeah! We’ve waited for it long enough and yet change comes in such subtle ways and is happening daily. But what about the BIG CHANGE? Well, we’ll see if this PofL will offer the much needed support. We’ve all heard the great saying “Be the Change you want to see” and yet it looks like we still need some help from outside. Mortal humans seem to hang on to what they have, what they know. I’ve witnessed it in my own life: yes there are things I really want to change and then there are those others…. do we really need to do something about those too? And part of me seems to cling on to the last bits it can grab. I feel the energies of change are needed so that we, the ones already READY for CHANGE can let go of those last bits and complete their transformation. So if you consider yourself one of them: get ready, be prepared.

This Progression of Light will help our transformative process. While the last two progressions were about Stabilizing and Support, we should be well prepared for what is to arrive in the next few days. Think about who you are and who you want to be, so that your old identity gets honored and can make room for the NEW YOU.

Hopefully this won’t be too rough….but by now I so long for REAL CHANGE that I am okay with whatever comes. Be open and receptive. Have a great time….

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Ascension Symptoms? Ascension Symptoms!

We can read about them on several “Lightworker -websites”, different channelers refer to them from time to time, there is even a facebook group called “Ascension Symptoms Support Group”  at https://www.facebook.com/groups/297712141315/?fref=nf    Well, everyone seems to talk about them and there were times when I was relieved to find out that the weird symptoms I was suffering from may simply be the so-called Ascension Symptoms. Not that long ago I found it quite hilarious to read a list of menopause-related symptoms that were just the same as many of the more often quoted Ascension Symptoms. Are we all going through menopause? No, but the hormonal changes taking place in the body going along with menopause definitely have some similarities to the rewiring taking place along with what many call “Ascension”. Of course it is good to get your health-issues checked with your doctor first before settling on this diagnosis. It is comforting to know though, that you are not the only one suffering from these strange passing symptoms that seem to have no connection to anything else you did or have or ate or….

One of the strangest symptoms (and also longest-lasting for me, recurring or even on-going for several years now) is what I call the “headbumps”: sore spots on the skull that seem to be here this day, there another day. They feel as if you’ve bumped your head somewhere but you know you haven’t. The skin, the whole spot feels very sensitive to touch and sometimes goes along with shifts of the skull, as if the bonestructure has changed. Weird, isn’t it? Maybe not. I’ve come to the conclusion that our Spirit Guides (and whatever other Spiritual Beings have access to us) are simply “working” on us, rewiring, realigning our energies – since a lot of this is done through the brain, the head gets the hit. Actually THAT symptom may be the easiest to explain. Why I have sudden rashes that come and go during a particular phase of energy shifts or my legs seem to ache inside like growing-pains for days (as they do right now!) is not quite as easy to explain but I simply tell myself that it is part of the “rewiring the body”. Also, I noticed ever since the first Progression of Light in early April, I can’t stop myself from eating, my body is constantly craving food. It is an issue of quantitiy as well as quality (taste). Nothing really satisfies – that is yet another thing: searching for something that really tastes good but nothing seems to do it anymore. Those little snacks that used to take away the appetite? Nothing tastes good and yet – or because of that? – one keeps eating. I feel that my body is going into fear over all these energy-shifts and therefore tries to protect itself, ground itself with LOTS of food/weight. Not really fun for the rest of me who feels uncomfortable now in this “heavy body-suit”. We need to find ways to calm and reassure the body that it’ll be okay. That is what is important these days: be nice to yourself! ….. and ENJOY