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Information and Change

This post refers to a “frequency shift” around July 16 – 17 which fits with the recent info I was given by my Guides.
In my last post “what’s going on” I was talking about an increase of pressure and felt urgency from Gidance to “tune in” more and spend more time meditating as I am being prepared for yet another “event” = energetic shift …which supposedly also affects us humans. Well, the timeframe I was given fits pretty well with the ones given here, perhaps just a bit earlier, but definitely towards the next weekend. No matter when the energy flows commence…if we are tuned in, we’ll feel the nudges when it is time to sit quietly and open up to experience the shift. I am sure if your Spirit Guides consider this shift important for you, they’ll make the provisions for you to do so, so if you are busy with mortal life issues during that time, don’t worry because part of you can be tuned in, will be tuned in and experience what’s happening. More on that another time…. So here is the post about info and change

My Limited Vu

Recently a friend was commenting on the lack of new information coming from channelers and other spokespersons for the metaphysical/spiritual planes.  After a bit of thought from my limited point of view I decided to make the following my first post.

Hope seems to be a primary purpose of spirit entities providing info to the channelers. Without a frequent infusion of hope many of us wouldn’t survive the constant media blows of confusion and fear. We hope for change in whatever form – “things will be better soon”, ascension, 5D, whatever. We hope for manifestation of personal and collective desires; winning lottery numbers, a new relationship, whatever. We hope…

There appear to be two other primary purposes of channeling: 1) connection to, awareness of the conscious Universe, and 2) the evolution (growth) of our mortal minds to prepare us for future roles in the conscious Universe. I’m relatively certain that…

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Spirit Guides 3 – my own path –

This would be MY version of “how to connect to Spirit Guides”. When I was first introduced to the “idea” that there are Spirit Guides it raised my curiosity. I wanted to get in touch with them and the simplest and at that time probably easiest way for me to connect with them was via a pendulum. I tried it but have to admit that it only worked for a short time – and never worked that well for me as you REALLY have to be very focused to ask your question, come up with VERY precise questions etc etc. Not my path.

hand-pendulum-dowsingSo I tried out a technique that I started calling “staring at the wall”. I set aside some time almost every day and simply sat there – like many do in their meditation, only I had my eyes open, staring at a white wall. I was hoping to receive information that way. Well, to be honest, I started seeing darker spots on the wall, here and there, then sometimes they seemed to move around, another time certain parts of the wallpaper seemed more pronounced or come into focus more than others. Then again, I would “see” something in the patterns of the wallpaper just like you might look at clouds and see a horse or a teapot in the cloud formation, that sort of thing. Whatever “vision” I was hoping for … it didn’t happen. I then played a little with colors: stared at a red blanket or a blue towel or whatever I could find in some intense color and drape it over two chairs and then start staring at the white wall. As you may have guessed: I then saw the complementary color. Don’t ask me why – just did that. Now, years later, I can only guess I was guided to do those things to train my eyes in some way.

Months passed, no vision. Nonetheless I kept my ritual of staring and started feeling tingling and tickling around my head and face more and more. It felt like someone was moving energy very gently around my head.

spirit guides2It wasn’t until 3 years later that something changed. In the meantime I had met my (now) husband and we were doing “sessions” together. I started listening to music that I had selected for the “wallstaring” as it seemed conducive for this kind of work. It wasn’t music from one of those meditation CDs you can find anywhere, I would actually call it atypical for this purpose…but it was important that it worked for me….and it did. The more I used it, the easier it was to get into that altered state that I now achieved quite easily when staring at the wall. Still no visions though. However, I started perceiving with my inner eye. Now, years later, I cannot recall the first times it happened but it felt like we were doing something like a guided meditation although my husband only guided me into the “spot” and then I would tell him what I perceived. This is a technique that we continued for quite some time. It could best be described as a Shaman’s Journey.

That was the same year I was told by a very dear, closely guided friend that I needed to try out Journaling. She told me that it was the way her Sacred Community started working with her. So from then on I sat in the same spot, same times as before but instead of staring I would have an open journal in front of me and wait for “thoughts” that would come in. I wrote them down, no matter how strange or nonsensical they were…..and most of them made no sense at all to me. Looking back now, it seems like we were just trying to establish our communication patterns here. I am still amazed at how hard it must be for our Spirit Guides to get their messages through…but they do…eventually.

It took another 2-3 years for communication to get clearer. I do get messages now that make sense and are made up of meaningful sentences. It doesn’t mean I never doubt what I get or that I do not use discernment anymore – as there may be other metaphysicals who try to disrupt, interfere, play games or whatever else….but communication works A WHOLE LOT BETTER now than it did in the early years.

The steps that seemed important in accomplishing this (aside from what you may have read in the other two posts) were:

1) Discipline and dedication. Setting a daily routine – same place and time – when I try to contact my Spirit Guides is helpful. If I can’t do it every day then I will pick days that work: Monday, Wednesday and the weekend, every other day …or whatever works for you

2) Be as neutral as possible: going into a communication with lots of thoughts or stirred-up emotions will potentially cause problems. Instead, you will want to be in a somewhat neutral state of mind

3) Use some kind of a “protection-mantra” that will banish any and all negative energies, entities etc, trying to ensure a protected communication channel free of any interferences

4) Especially in the early days it was helpful to use certain incense and/or music to accompany the “session” as sound and scents worked as triggers for my body and mind to get ready

There are probably many more little tricks that I cannot come up with right now, but I will add them in the future. If you plan to get in touch with your Spirit Guides, you can get started with the above and see what happens. Have a journal with you and see what comes through. If you are more of an artist, perhaps you feel compelled to draw, for others the communication may be movements. My Guides have shown me certain movements of hands or body in sessions – some were like Mudras, the ones using my whole body ended up being a dance, creating a certain flow of energy that was important for me at that time (or so was told later). Be open and see what happens…and most of all: have FUN

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Spirit Guides 2

This is an article about guides worth reading

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides
I have been listening to my spirit guides since 2009. Mind you, if you asked them they would tell you that I have heard them my whole life, I just never listened. You can label them anyway that resonates with you. Some like higher self, intuition, angels, conscience or even just spirit but I have always preferred the term Guides. I believe that connecting with our own inner voice is powerful and necessary.

How I learned to hear my spirit guides was through a workshop I took. The steps were simple; the hard part was trusting and weeding out my ego. Like mastering all things, these techniques will take time and dedication. I believe all of us have the ability to do this with practice and patience.

Steps to Follow

The first thing is to let go of any doubting belief systems that you have in place. If you believe you are not capable of this, chances are you are not at this time. You will be once you change your state of mind. The techniques will still be there waiting for you when you are ready.

After letting go of doubt, the second step is to know nothing is your imagination. This will also help you to let go of any worry that you are not hearing correctly or that you are going crazy.

How will you be hearing? Well, the short answer is in your mind. It will sound like you as in your own thoughts. You will not be hearing with your ears. It’s not like some voice will pipe up from the chair in the corner of the room and say, “Hey there, this is your guide speaking.” Although it would make things really funny and a whole lot easier, that’s not how it works.

Spirit GuidesPay attention to your thoughts. When thinking to yourself, asking questions or you are going about your day to day life pay attention to what your thoughts are specifically saying. If you hear “you”, “we” or your name… that’s it. For example, if I’m having a hard time with something I’ll hear in my head, “you can do this!” In my opinion, this is something else outside of yourself speaking to you. Another example is when I ask questions in my head and I hear, “you already know the answer to this.” If it was me speaking in my head, I would say “I.”

Sometimes words will not always be the form of communication they use. It can be a whole range of things such as pictures, symbols, memories, points of references from movies, shows, books you’ve read or my favourite, synchronicity! Things will come into your mind randomly that you need to pay attention to especially things that repeat and connect. For example, I know about the suffering that is going on in the world. This was causing me a lot of frustration. All of a sudden one day I started to hear a scene from one of ‘The Simpsons Tree House of Horror’ episodes. It was the one where the billboards come alive and Lisa discovers that by looking at them they were giving them power and so to defeat them, the town of Springfield had to stop looking at them while Lisa sings her song, “Just Don’t Look.” Well I kept hearing the song playing in my head for days.  I then watched a Russell Brand compilation where he talks about not paying attention to the bad and focusing on what you want and solutions and that was the validation I needed to know it was them trying to tell me something. I began to focus with understanding and more importantly, the world I wanted to live in.

One of the most important things when trying to connect is having validation which you can definitely ask for. My guides know that if they are giving me messages and they accompany it with synchronicity, it will be the validation I need if I’m having trouble believing or listening. You can use whatever form of validation works best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask if you are hearing correctly. Know that wherever we get our intuition from whether its spirit guides or our higher self or even God, know that the messages are there to help and don’t take it to a place of fear, but rather know that it’s coming from a place of love. Also, keep in mind they have a sense of humour. One time while I was smudging my home, I suddenly heard the Ghostbusters theme song playing in my head. I had a good laugh about it.

There’s an easy exercise you can do to help you connect. I did this exercise at the beginning of the workshop I took. You will need a piece of paper and a pen. You can do it with a friend or alone. You or your friend will write down a series of one word questions and you have to immediately write down the first thing that comes to mind. Remember all the previous steps listed above and go with it. I’ve heard that switching from your predominate hand may help greatly with this. The questions are as follows: “Male or Female,” “Name,” “Age,” “Appearance” and “Any Messages.” You can add or change the questions however you like. When I did this exercise, a friend of mine who recently passed came through. Loved ones who have passed on can also guide us as well as animals.

I’ve been actively listening for about 5 years now, but I am no master and I argue occasionally because I’m either having a hard time believing or don’t agree with the guidance. Don’t feel bad if you do the same. Just know that our guides are here to assist. Opening yourself to this gift will take time and practice but after awhile it will become second nature. I hope my steps have been helpful.

For more in depth information on how to connect with spirit guides, types of spirit guides and more, check out this ‘Ask Teal’ video.


Spirit Guides 1

Just a reminder: I will only tell you about my own perspective of the metaphysical realms. I may find articles that convey a similar view and will share them with you… but in the end they are only posted here if they truly resonate with me or represent my perspective of the metaphysical realms. I have read so many articles dealing with topics like angels, spirit guides, lightbeings etc etc …. and I know for those who post them, that is THEIR truth (or at least I hope that is the case and they didn’t just copy it somewhere else). I am not someone who copies another mortal human’s stories about the metaphysical realm. Either I write about what I have experienced myself or what I have been told by spiritual beings. I haven’t attended any “spiritual seminars” to learn about “how things work on the other side”. Look around. If you ask any spiritually active people about what they know or perceive of the other side, each one will have a different view. Since we all have our own perception and interpretation of what info we get. There are as many different views as there are perspectives.

Some call them spirit guides, some call them angels, others simply call them lightbeings. Do they exist? From my limited experience I would say: Yes, definitely. Yet I didn’t hear about them until 2005 and didn’t start believing, or even knowing about them until a year later. Do you believe in them ? If so, you  might be interested in something my former “teacher of metaphysics” wrote to me about a few topics that related to Spirit Guides, Communication with the Spiritual realms and other important issues when “playing in that arena”. A lot of times he perceived more than one Spirit Guides with one “mortal human” (as he said there were also metaphysical humans as well) and if there was a whole group of them guiding, he referred to them as a Sacred Community.

Here is what he wrote to me early on when I started my journey of discovering a “new world” – or to be more exact: a whole new universe – in 2005:

The question about “Making up Answers” — this is about communication, discernment and participation.  Communication is a flow of information, hopefully in at least two directions.  If you aren’t open to listening/receiving you will wind up just hearing the mirror (meaning your own reflection).  On the other hand where do our thoughts, our ideas originate?  How many are given to us by our guides?  I don’t have a definitive answer but I know that the more you work with your Sacred Community the more willing and able they are to work with you.

Discernment is learning to differentiate between sources of information/communication.  What answers reflect only our emotions or mortal wishes?  Which information comes from/through our Sacred Community?
Which information comes from sources outside our Community?  This is very important and we will talk more about it.
Participation includes everything.  So far I’m not aware of any Community members who want their mortal to be only a puppet.  It is a bit like therapy — the conscious participation of the patient is a primary contributing factor in the success of the treatment (or so I’m told).  Our willingness to work consciously with our Community on modes of communication, on direction, on activities opens the door to greater and larger options.
Knowing vs. Doubting — Never give up the doubting, the questioning.  Always ask about the source of the information — this is part of discernment.  Once you can identify the sources, by whatever means, you can relax a bit on the doubting assuming they are part of or through your Sacred Community.  This is also part of participation — doubting/asking questions opens the door to greater communication; and frequently is educational for members of your Community.
Protection — This is a broad topic.  Boundaries/borders seem to be a difficult issue for many people, therapists of all types in particular (except those whose purpose is to validate their therapy model by fitting every patient into a manufactured box). For now I will only say so much: establishing a ritual when attempting to communicate with your Guides will be helpful. Not only because of the reasons listed below but make sure this ritual includes some phrase or phrases “banishing negative energies and entities”.
Emergency: in case you feel you’re being attacked, suddenly feel sick (while attempting to communicate) or feel blocked from connection…there is always the possibility of establishing an “emergency call” with your Sacred Community. Let them know what your version of “911” is so they know when you need IMMEDIATE assistance NOW.
Community Availability — Some one from your Community is probably always present; but it may be a different “one” from time to time.  They may be working on other projects, or they may be continuing their own education, or…  
Setting a time for communication is beneficial for several reasons: from establishing discipline to letting your Community know when your focus will be on receiving information/direction so they can manipulate the frequencies to give you the best chance of receiving, to …  Sometimes you just have to trust that, if you ask, whatever you need will be provided in a timely manner.
Remember that Guides aren’t omnipotent. They do have access to a LOT more information than we do but “assuming” they know that you need this or that right now isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to let them know. Even if many people believe they can read our minds — and they sure can do AT TIMES but not ALL THE TIME — they aren’t interested in the little things we’re concerned with on a day-to-day basis. I would say: they have more important things to do. Last but not least: GRATITUDE and RESPECT. They’re very important in the metaphysical realms. Remember to thank the entitities who work with you for their efforts and treat them in a respectful way.