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Is the BIG CHANGE near?

Are you desperately waiting for that sign – the one that tells you “this is the big change, the shift we’ve all been waiting for“? Are you searching for news, surfing through blogs, checking some of the channelers’ websites to find that article that tells you “THIS IS IT- here’s the CHANGE“? Or perhaps you are perusing the conspiracy-websites talking about how the Cabal will soon be taken down? Didn’t Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan “Change – yes we can” sound appealing?


I’ve been somewhat incapacitated during the last few days (thanks to yet another phase of bodily reactions to energetic changes – aka “ascension symptoms”).Since I wasn’t able to write anything remotely intelligible, I surfed the internet instead. My attention was drawn to one of the big current hypes, the so-called “WaveX” and other big events supposedly occurring in September 2015 resulting in a big shift of consciousness. Some of the articles combine a rather eclectic collection of events that may or may not be meaningful to anyone or anything. Or as another blogger (Deus Nexus) cautiously stated: “Many predictions are coming together for the month of September 2015. Not since the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has the internet buzzed quite this much over a predicted apocalyptic date, so it is always wise advice to remain grounded while reading these predictions….”. What’s up with that?

At the same time there’s a noticeable sense of help- and hopelessness displayed among many of those who actively participate in the Spiritual/Metaphysical/New Age websites (I didn’t check out mainstream media). It almost appears as if many suffer from “learned helplessness” (see wikipedia ) leaving them in a state of depression. As if they’ve basically learned to live with the “unpleasant situation”, not feeling capable of changing it. Although there are some who keep saying “wait just a little bit longer, change is just around the corner”, “hang in there, the shift will come” … many are starting to doubt. Many report feeling alienated from family and friends (“they’re not on my path”), some lost their homes or jobs because of a radical (inner) change. Others are tired of obscure physical symptoms their medical practitioner can’t cure. Leaving them with the question: how much longer can I take this?


‘Being the change you wish to see’ just sounds wonderful. However, even that can turn out to be a lot of work. Sometimes it seems easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along – even if it doesn’t feel right to you. Change requires effort. Instead, why not have the change come to you and have the galaxy provide the shift?

I have no idea what’s going to happen in September 2015. If nothing else, the mentioned internet buzz over (apocalyptic) predictions reflects our strong desire for change. Many of us WANT to believe in change, want change to come about. In line with “Perceptions create reality” we may do just that. Let’s see what September brings.

Caution: This post lacks editing – but after days of mental blur I really wanted to get something out

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Change of plan

Ever since I started devoting a significant portion of my life to my metaphysical path, since this “Journey of Becoming” became such an important part of my life, making plans has basically become pointless. If I ever attempt to make any (and I am a bit stubborn with that one) they tend to get changed anyway. So my plan to post something halfway intelligible …. has changed. What’s new? I seem to be undergoing some kind of reconfiguring/restructuring/recalibrating that won’t let me focus on much of anything on this plane.


So instead of sharing some of my own thoughts or experiences, I thought you might enjoy someone else’s tales of the metaphysical. The story “Texan in 3 parts”   is a wonderful read and another example of different ways of perceiving. A creature that one person perceives as a demon straight out of the Bible, is “simply a being from another plane” (Texan part 2) for another. Different experiences, different perceptions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Texan stories…


Perception – Creating reality (Part3) ~Communicating reality

Preface: The following post is based on my limited experience of the metaphysical realms and – depending on your perception – it may resonate with you, or not.  If it isn’t part of your experience, it may be an opportunity to expand your perception….or it may just not fit with your current view of the world Universe and you can simply discard it. I am only sharing what I perceive or have been told directly, there is no science to back it up. However, if you are curious to hear more about my adventures of the metaphysical, you are invited to join the journey. Welcome to my reality.

“We don’t see things as THEY are, we see them as WE are” Anais Nin

If mortal humans -despite their shared perceptions – have such differing individual views of the world…how does that compare to the metaphysical ? Have you ever wondered how metaphysicals perceive? In my earlier posts I addressed differing perceptions of us humans and problems they can cause. Imagine, how much of a challenge it poses for metaphysicals/nonphysical Beings as they try to communicate with us…or even with each other? They undoubtedly have even more diverse ways of perceiving.

I know there is a notion among many humans who connect to the metaphysical that the Unseens are omnipotent. Many like to believe they constantly monitor us, hear us, read our thoughts, they simply know exactly what is going on with us and what we need etc., etc.. This not my experience, in fact, sometimes they don’t even get the message when I directly address them. It often frustrates the hell out of me when I cannot connect the way I was hoping to but sometimes I do succeed. I  think it is amazing that this type of communication works at all – considering our different levels of perception. After all perception is at the heart of communication. If metaphysicals want to communicate with me, we need to find a mutual level of my perception.

I will share a little story with you that’s an example of how easily one may be wrong about someone else’s perception.

bonzoWhen I was young, we had a dog. One of her “toys” was a worn-out bright red terry cloth bathrobe that my siblings and I once used when we were toddlers. When we played with it, I would swing it around (like a matador uses his red cape) she would try to catch it and then we’d play “tug of war” with it. She loved that old bathrobe. For years I thought one of the reasons she loved that thing so much was because it was bright red. Just like red is such an attractive color to children (and I was ten years old when we got that dog) I thought it would also be a trigger to the dog. Wrong. She couldn’t have perceived red at all!

Turns out that dogs’ color perception differs significantly from human’s perception:


My assumptions were based on my own experience and perception. I obviously misinterpreted the cause of her attraction to the toy. There were probably many other reasons why she liked the bathrobe, but none of them was the color.

From what I  know, there are many metaphysicals interested in communicating and interacting with us humans. In order to make this work, they try to adjust their level of perception and “see the world through our eyes” (which I obviously lacked to do with my dog). Our part in this process is to open up to the new experience and move into another level of perception = altered state. The rest is left up to whatever 🙂


PS: my dog only dressed up for the occasion – just in case you were wondering….


Perception – Creating our reality (Part 2)

Your perception is not my reality. Your reality is not my perception.”


Depending on your perception you might see a vase or two people looking at each other…or both. This is true for the rest of us: some perceive both, some either…and who knows, there may be some who simply see a black-and-white pattern.  If the image wasn’t so ambiguous, there would probably be an agreement on what is portrayed since humans generally tend to share perceptions. We live in a shared reality.

This isn’t true for the metaphysical realms (and please keep in mind I can only speak from my own experience and that of a handful of other people). When connecting to, accessing or working with the metaphysical, perceptions vary widely. In my last post I alluded to the lack of shared reality when “playing in the metaphysical realms”. If you are on an individual spiritual path (in contrast to sharing group experience and perception in an Ashram with a Guru ) it is very likely that your experiences with the metaphysical will be very different from any others’. I am sure you’ve heard someone talking about being guided by Angels, another saying it is Spirit Guides or higher self. Does the label matter?  Not really – the label is applied by belief, education, social setting etc., etc. It’s just a label. What is important is THAT you perceive, in some manner, another entity.

For most of us, perception is heavily based on past experiences (and to some degree on our motivational and emotional state). Experiences provide context. Early in my “spiritual quest” I was told about Spirit Guides and how they assisted us on our path. This set me up for certain expectations (read: perception) and a context. I’ve learnt that metaphysicals try to match our level of perception for communication purposes, if they don’t, we may not perceive anything (unfortunately that has happened to me numerous times). Usually we can’t interpret the information that our mind perceives when we lack the context. In order to perceive more of what we’re not familiar with (and there is a whole lot out there) we need to expand our perception and be open for new experiences….

…and enjoy them.



Perception – Creating our reality (Part1)

Perception can be defined as the active process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses.

We constantly process information coming in from our senses. We recognise and interpret sensory info all the time and most of it happens automatically. Our brain tries to turn the incoming info into something meaningful, something that makes sense. Sometimes, in an attempt to make something meaningful that doesn’t “appear” that way, the brain uses tricks. This phenomenon (of visual perception) is well known as Gestalt Psychology.

560px-Gestalt_Principles_Compositionpopular Gestalt images

When our senses deliver the information, our brain organizes it and tries to make it meaningful. In this case (below) that could be: I perceive two overlaying triangles in the picture.

imagesWhen “in reality” there are 3 black circles missing an edge and 6 lines in pairs of two that form a less-than-90º angle.

In psychology, Gestalt is a theory that suggests human beings are always in search of order in their mind/brain. This stems from “cognitive dissonance,” or the idea that the human brain cannot hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. And this does not only apply to visual perception.

Perception creates reality

We are basically living in a reality created by our brain. Since perception plays such a crucial role in our (physical) life as well as in dealing with metaphysical matters, I wanted to address some issues around it.

Generally, in everyday life, there is mutual agreement on the perception of physical objects. We agree that the table is made out of wood, is brown and has this or that size. We may even agree – at least most of us – on the above Gestalt image looking like two overlaying triangles. Despite the presumed individuality of our brain we still share a collective reality.

The tricky part about perceiving in metaphysical realms is that we usually don’t have anyone who can confirm our perceptions. Our individual experiences of the other side are so different that it is impossible to compare. Does that mean you can’t trust your perception? On the contrary: you have to trust but stop comparing.  How do we know what we perceive is really there, is really “true”? We don’t. Remember: we create reality, so no need to worry that our perceptions are for real.

Enjoy your creations!

PS: while writing this post I realized this is a huge topic…so if your interested in reading more about perception, perspective, projection etc… stay tuned. And before I sign off for today: here are two links on what Peter Russell has to say about this topic. The vid is long, the part relating to this topic is somewhere between mins 5:30 -8:00

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Emotions – affecting our perception

In my last post I talked a little about how expectations determine perception. Yet emotions are just as influential (if not more) when it comes to perception. You don’t have to be a psychotherapist to know what a significant role emotions play in our experience of life. When depressed,  the world appears in a dark, gloomy way, the glass is half-empty instead of half-full. When in love or simply having a really good time, we tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses. That’s nothing new. However, the extent of influence that emotions have on our perception is still astonishing. Especially considering that perceptions create the reality we live in.

Numerous studies have been done showing this relationship. However, I recently stumbled across this study showing the effect of emotions on our expectations which in turn affect our perception. I just wanted to include it here since it relates to my previous post Expectations – affecting our perception . I find it pretty amazing – how much (or easily) we can be influenced. In this particular study, participants were shown images that were neither fully red nor fully blue, people with “hostile personalities” were much more likely to see red. (For more check out “Anger as seeing red”). A great example of how emotions set up expectations that then determine perception.

Our emotions color our perceptive lens according to their nature….literally. When it comes to playing in the multidimensional arenas -or metaphysical realms – this is just as true. However, we don’t really know WHAT to expect and the situations we encounter are so “out of this world” that our perception is even more vulnerable to the influence of our emotional state. So when trying to connect to your Spirit Guides or any other metaphysical Beings, it is crucial to not only BE AWARE OF YOUR EMOTIONS but rather BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EMOTIONS. Don’t let your emotions be in charge of you…or else you might not perceive anything or get the info “colored” in your momentary emotional state.

Unfortunately – at least this is true for me –  when in despair, depressed or simply feeling down, is frequently the time we seek guidance from Spirit Guides or other sources in the metaphysical realm. May it just be to get info about “why” do I feel this way or “what the hell is going on”? As multidimensional beings, our emotional responses are not only triggered by experiences in our mundane life or the human collective. As multidimensional beings, we are susceptible to a myriad of factors influencing our emotions…many of which stem from beyond this physical realm (and there’ll be another post…next time). It is only natural to ask for spiritual assistance when feeling down or experiencing sudden outbreaks of anger. However, those damned emotions are the very thing that may be in the way of your connection. They completely change your energy-patterns and may interfere with your ability to connect to other realms. Or, vice-versa, will interfere with your guides’ or any other metaphysicals’ attempt to connect to you. This is especially true for negative emotions but strong positive emotions can distort interpretation of perception just as well. If, nonetheless, we do succeed in connecting, we may receive info that is heavily influenced by our emotions. So if you can, try to get into a somewhat neutral emotional state, put your emotions – along with the many thoughts that like to occupy your mind – aside, in a mental box (ready to be retrieved after your journey to the other side) and open up your perception, your connection to communicate.

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Expectations – affecting our perceptions

In my last post I mentioned how my expectations got in the way while trying to receive information during the “Progression of Light” energy surges. From my experience, expectations along with strong emotions and a string of thoughts are the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to connect spiritually/metaphysically. The latter (also mentioned in my post Spirit Guides 3 – my own path -) are blocking the connection, sometimes not even allowing to get access to the spiritual world. Expectations on the other hand come into play once you are actually connected. You’re already “there” but just don’t seem to perceive anything or whatever you perceive “just can’t be right”.

Expectations: the belief about (or mental picture of) the future.

Whatever type of spiritual connection we seek, if we expect a certain outcome, the information we “receive” will ultimately be skewed. Perception is influenced by expectation. How closely they are linked to each other? There are many examples from mundane everyday life that show how easily our perception is being affected by expectations. Starting with the Placebo effect, known as the beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient’s expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself, there are countless others. There are many experiments related to visual perception showing how expectation determines perception. The “invisible gorilla” is just one of them. However, this experiment does not only address the problem of expectation but also that of “selective attention”.

Our brain works in two ways “bottom up” and “top down”. The signals of the senses being called “bottom up signals”, they basically represent filtered data from the outside world. The “top down” effect on the other hand  referring to the control of the brain in selecting, analyzing,, synthesizing, adjusting etc. the incoming info. Recent research shows that there are a large number of neurons that come down (top down) altering the incoming signals of senses, far more than the incoming sensory neurons (bottom up). The result being the influence of the brain and (its) expectation are far greater than the raw data.  This top down effect is how expectation can determine perceptions. 

So much for our daily experiences. Now what does this have to do with my expectations when connecting to the metaphysical realms? Well, we’re still dealing with our “little monkey brains” when trying to make sense of our experiences – be they in the physical or metaphysical realms – and so we are prone to fall into the same trap. As shown above, it is hard NOT to have expectations. Expectations are largely based on our previous experiences (and, perhaps, sometimes wishful thinking). Since the experiences we have when connecting to the metaphysical realms aren’t exactly what we are accustomed to, our brains usually have a hard time to make sense of it. They try anyways. Mix in the tendency to have expectations – and how can you possibly “expect” something you’ve never experienced before?? – then it gets all pretty screwy. Or the brain simply goes “blank”. Nothing there. Nada.

What it basically means: expectations are blocking new experiences as well as new perceptions (and I will have to address the issue of perceptions a bit more another time). When connecting, being, working in the “other realms” it is best to have little or no expectations (along with low mental and emotional activity). You’ll find ample literature online about the benefits of no expectations ….and even some advice how to NOT HAVE THEM. But from my own experience I can say: it’s not always that easy. If you can’t let go of them, be aware of them, acknowledge them, it’ll be much easier to work around them.

So far so good. Until next time….

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