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So this is me, Gia, well actually that is just a nickname. For quite a while now I’ve been following other people’s blogs and decided it’s time to start my own and here it is.

Mundane professional life

After finishing a degree in Business I started out in the Corporate World – only to find out a few years later that THAT really wasn’t my thing. So I went back to school and studied Psychology as “Transformation and Change” have always been big themes in my life. Now I am a licensed psychotherapist working with children, mostly teenagers and young adults. I am a compassionate human being trying to assist others on their healing journey or simply overcoming their problems, getting a different perspective. I’ve been doing this job for quite a while now (I’m in my 40s) and am looking for a new way of working with humans.


“Other” life

In my “other” life, I am working with my Spirit Guides which I call my “Sacred Community”.  I have been on my spiritual path probably longer than I am aware of but the “real” quantum leap happened in 2005 and that was a true eye-opener. Suddenly a whole new world, no, a whole NEW UNIVERSE opened up for me. It felt like this was what I had been looking for for a long time . Only at that time I just wasn’t aware WHAT I was looking for! Once connection to my Spirit Guides got stronger, I wanted to learn more about metaphysics and intended to take classes. However, my Sacred Community decided to bring in their own teachers. So here I am getting lectured by metaphysical Beings on a weekly basis. I became a student of metaphysics and an energy worker. I not only learned but was also asked to use my training and assist in projects. I started working with spirits in, around and of planet Earth. I became an earthworker.  Later I joined another project “the Transformationists” whose goal is the Transformation of this quadrant of the Universe (I was told), I participated in other projects as well, one of them aimed at the merging of two realms. However, in 2013 a new teacher was brought in who was part of the group governing the Solar System working with its transformation. I became a true novice of the sun. Another 9 months later the “Chrysalis Project” started which was supposed to bring both “worlds” together.

At some point along the way I met the man (and partner and teacher and….) of my life. He still is my main source of wisdom when it comes to the spiritual / metaphysical realms. However, I also started searching for other sources of info, much of it on the internet. This is where I learnt about the “ascension process”, about all those “lightworkers” and what they are going through, including “ascension symptoms”. I’ve had more than enough of those too – although I may not necessarily call them that – but they are not what this blog is about. It is not what I am about.

During my journey I’ve felt more and more isolated in my so-called 3D-reality. Being in other realities seemed to take up more an more time and so much more fun than being in this mundane life (I am sure many can relate to that one). The longer I had been on this path, the more estranged I felt from the rest of the world. Part of the reason for this blog is also to connect. Connect to other humans who have (had) similar esperiences – in both worlds. That is the main reason for sharing….and Chrysalis.

All along, my main goal has been to evolve and assist in the Universal Transformation we are all undergoing  – whatever that means. I see myself as a FACILITATOR OF CHANGE On a very personal level I am also assisting in a project that we (my husband and I) have been guided to develop and pursue, a vision, called the Chrysalis-project. THIS here is the place where I wanted to share my own journey and personal transformation, my BEcoming.

Hope you enjoy the journey – for as long as you care to come along! Enjoy!

In the centre of this image, taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it seems to be smiling. You can make out its two orange eyes and white button nose. In the case of this “happy face”, the two eyes are very bright galaxies and the misleading smile lines are actually arcs caused by an effect known as strong gravitational lensing. Galaxy clusters are the most massive structures in the Universe and exert such a powerful gravitational pull that they warp the spacetime around them and act as cosmic lenses which can magnify, distort and bend the light behind them. This phenomenon, crucial to many of Hubble’s discoveries, can be explained by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In this special case of gravitational lensing, a ring  — known as an Einstein Ring  — is produced from this bending of light, a consequence of the exact and symmetrical alignment of the source, lens and observer and resulting in the ring-like structure we see here. Hubble has provided astronomers with the tools to probe these massive galaxies and model their lensing effects, allowing us to peer further into the early Universe than ever before. This object was studied by Hubble’s Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) and Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) as part of a survey of strong lenses. A version of this image was entered into the Hubble’s Hidden Treasures image processing competition by contestant Judy Schmidt.

In the centre of this image, taken with Hubble Space Telescope, is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 —  it seems to be smiling.

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Award-free zone
I’m happy if you like my blog. But please don’t give me any awards. I rather spend my time blogging, reading, and commenting than fulfilling the obligations of an award.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Gia, like your blog. I started mine a while ago and know how the beginning can be a bit slow. Like the topics and am glad you’re shining your light like so many other lightworkers too! We need to create a real strong web of light to get this BIG CHANGE going!

  2. Greetings again, Gia. Indeed, you and I share many similarities, among them our trials in the corporate world. Like you, I worked in Corporate America for several years and, in 2013, I freed myself from the grind. I left the DC metro area and moved to a cabin in the woods (my Thoreau 2.0 experiment haha); it was an attempt to commune, connect, and, most importantly, discover and live my Truth. It hasn’t been easy, but it certainly has been valuable. I’m delighted that you found Total Prana and reached out to me, perhaps this is a wonderful e-connection in the making!

    Like you, again, I am a conventionally trained psychologist (though my professional work was I/O psychology I did work, for a time, in counseling), although my research interest lies in contemplative psychology and, of course, transpersonal psychology (same side of the coin, really).

    I’m so glad we connected.

    Naked Faced Mara

    • Looks like we have more in common than I could tell….although I wasn’t part of Corporate America but rather Corporate Germany for a few years. I live in Germany, spent some time in the US and am married to an American. I, too, spent several months “in the middle of nowhere”, it seems. It ended up being about 12 months in 2006/2007 before I finally got into private practice as a psychotherapist. Although it really hadn’t been part of MY plan at the time, it sure felt good after a while and it probably turned out to be the best time of my life. The first 6 months I spent in the mountains, the next 6 near the beach on the Baltic. I still treasure that time. That’s when my connection to nature, earth, the spiritual realms but most of all my Spirit Guides became much stronger. Not to mention what I learnt about myself – having no distractions, just myself for company. It wasn’t quite the Thoreau style for me but it was definitely a time of solitude in nature. Wasn’t always easy but loved it. Totally agree.

      Looking forward to more of your posts! And definitely glad we connected and hope to stay in touch!


  3. Thank you for the reblog, Gia! Ah, nature. . .it does have a way of connecting us, doesn’t it. As you mentioned on my “About” page, it is indeed a task keeping up with the blog! I’m searching for a format that works for my page, but haven’t stumbled upon one yet. I’d like something that permits binning, similar to what you have, so I may test out the Yoko Theme at some point. Looking forward to more from Universal Transformation!

    “Vikara” (no longer NakedFacedMara – it didn’t seem appropriate – smile; after all, ‘vikara’ means change and change is what we all do best.)

    • Quite welcome. I enjoy your style and obviously the topics…
      I am not completely happy with YOKO myself but don’t have the energy (or motivation) to research a better theme.
      Actually I don’t know if I have much of any type of energy at the moment. Whatever is going on in the “aethers” and seemingly hitting a lot of people – beyond the lionsgate – seems to have hit me as well. That also caused a somewhat garbled message as an intro to your post. Thanks to WORDPRESS we can always correct later 🙂
      Anyway. Vikara sounds very nice and you can probably imagine I definitely like the meaning of it! CHANGE is the big theme, has been for me for most of my life. Let’s get on with it…

      • The “aethers” have me down too. I want to get out my broom and sweep it out the door, but know it will pass it due time. Get on with it indeed!

  4. Thank you Gia for stopping by my blog http://thewelldressedyogi.wordpress.com and glad you liked my post(s) 🙂 More and more of us are going through a similar journey – finding meaninglessness in the corporate systems, exiting it and instead, devoting our time for our spiritual evolution and wanting to birth something new out of us for us and all. I too left my well-paid job in 2013 and a year later, my wife followed suit – the nutters that we are!. The idea of going back into the manipulating corrupt system is not one we want to and will entertain. We have dedicated our lives for our ascension/evolution and are committed to it, even though finances have been a challenge (the old is gone and new is not completely here and so it’s a state of ‘limbo’ we are enjoying currently (NOT!) 😀 .

    All the very best in your spiritual endeavours. May the Love and Light of Within shine Without ❤

    • I have to admit, I have been tired of doing the work I do myself. I am lucky in that I am self-employed but I am very much part of a whole big machinery called “public healthcare system” that requires doing things a CERTAIN way. THEIR way. I’ve noticed how “their” and my view differ more and more over the years. I have been looking for alternatives and actually have been told about one coming up for me (this info came through my own Guidance). Not yet. Since I am the one this household relies on (income-wise), I am reluctant to give up my job just yet. I admire the courage you – both – have! Being in limbo, in the void, definitely isn’t easy but sometimes needed to prepare for the big leap. Hoping for a great leap for all of us 🙂 Thanks for coming by as well!

      • You’re welcome! I do feel, looking within the inner landscape, a big leap might be around the corner. I’m not relying on any September dates 😉 However since 8.8.8, energies do feel different. I am not the one pinning my hopes on any dates and then get disappointed. I didn’t even know the nitty-gritty of Dec 2012 (except that it was meant to be a major shift) and didn’t expect anything out of it, which only helped me 😛

        I hope to read more of your posts. BTW I have left a message on the Chrysalis Project contact page. Would love to know what your response is.

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