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CHANGE of tides

5 months ago I posted the ‘wave of change‘ and indeed I got hit by a huge wave. Was it a wipe out? I am not sure. I definitely feel ‘wiped out’ at this point….but I am still here, alive and ticking. This will be a different post and shorter than my previous ones. I simply wanted to inform those who have visited my blog in the past 5 months without finding any new posts and (some) who asked if everything was okay that, yes, I am fine – exhausted but fine. Thank you so much for caring. It has been a busy time. Life is not the same anymore, not only on a personal level. We live in a different world than we did 5 months ago. Now where were you again in February?

Anyway, while the past few months seemed to be dominated by changes in the mundane physical world and surroundings, it seems my focus is now shifting back to the metaphysical realms. From running around and being ‘out and about’ I am ready to put on the brakes and focus within. I am basically just stopping by at my blog before going into hibernation (also called ‘my cave’). Once again I retreat from the ongoing buzz of daily life into a more meditative state focused on connecting to the metaphysical realms (see my post from december ‘Changing tradition‘). It seems counterintuitive to turn inwards in the summer when all the action is going on outside but I’m also aware of the importance of listening to one’s own unique rhythm and needs.When it means ‘swimming against the current’ then that’ll be what I will do.

See you upon my return….although at this point I cannot see myself returning to ‘the old ways’ of blogging once I get out of my cave, but who knows….there may be yet another change. Things happen so quickly these days, it is hard to keep up with it all. Wave after wave……





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Kaypacha ~ pele report: pushing through some barriers


Oops…my computer just ate what I wrote. So much for communication problems 🙂 Oh well, so I will just tell you: hope you’re having fun with this (latest) pele report from Kaypacha and keep the rest for later…

G’day Astro Mates!

Well, we have a good week of what could best be called “strained communication” and at it’s worst just downright blocked or negative thinking.  I suppose the upside would be that we need to really stick with it, get our story straight, clear, and together, and most of all, really want to even have the conversation in the first place haha!  Gotta push through some barriers to connect these days but the results can be some long term contracts, commitments, and educational endeavors that last a long time!

I’m hanging in there and am committed to this astrology stuff, and though challenged, am presenting a number of workshops, making some vids, and with great excitement, putting out these great T-shirts in time for Christmas haha!  It has been suggested by many people over a long period of time so we will see if they fly or not.

This can actually be a bit of a dangerous time, as I speak of in the Pele Report, with Mars conjunct Lilith all week.  A time when it can take more awareness, patience and understanding to keep our relationships floating through rough seas.  One way to really know how bad you want something is to have it require dedication, perseverance, and powerful intention.  These days can be like the final exam with the big essay question of “Can you get along with others and stop projecting your shadow  on them?”  We may think everyone else is irritable or giving us a hard time when it is really our own unwillingness to meet them halfway.

As I see the big picture of our children’s future,

I know there’s a lot to do,

That begins with accepting and not regretting,

That I am another you.

It is often easier to see everyone else’s shadow, problems, and faults than it is to see our own.  It seems easier to blame and point the finger than to own that we could have tried harder, stayed in there longer, and had a different result.  Well this is one of those times where exercising patience, and calm, deep listening, can bear some positive results and long lasting commitments/contracts.  While it may be grueling to go over the details and come to agreements, it is like the universe is demanding that we really get clear on what we want, what we believe, what our truth is and what energy we are spreading around the place.  Whew!

May you triumph over the obstacles and blocks to speaking your truth and honoring the others and building powerful lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity,and trust.  Go for it!

So Much Love,





Intense transformative times

During July and August, the internet was buzzing with a great variety of predictions from ‘wave x’ to ‘the tsunami of love’, another financial crisis, a meteor hitting earth and numerous other big events.  So like many of us I was curious what September would bring, wondering if big change is near. Well, perhaps it’s not THE big one, but for me – and many others – September seems to be a transformative month.

The information I received may apply to you, or not. I decided to share it here as it may be ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ for some. Especially those who have been struggling with the ‘side effects’ of their spiritual path, aka spiritual growing pains, may be interested in this little bit of information I am offering. As with all things, take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. The following info was brought through over a period of 10 days by my Spirit Guides and a group of other metaphysicals I regularly contact.

During a meditation session on September 8th, I started hearing the words ‘in and out’ referring to a back-and-forth movement between dimensions. The image accompanying these words was a revolving door that kept turning. What I then perceived was as if something was being ‘unhooked’ from the left hemisphere of my brain and then plugged in to the right hemisphere. The message was: ‘”This is to make progress, progression INTO the light. There are light frequencies that won’t harm you but they will destroy parts of lightbodyyou, leftovers from old times, previous centuries of human, humanity’s development.” I was told that this process would touch my mortal life although it wouldn’t have the dramatic changes I  might be wishing for. I was reminded to eat lightly, drink lots of water (the usual stuff when major energetic shifts take place and the body needs to cope). I was warned that this ‘phase of recalibration’ would come with some discomfort but that I needed to ‘endure’ it to make the leap into the next evolutionary step. Towards the end of the session, I was urged to focus with intent and spend half an hour each day meditating on this ‘task’. The severe impact (strong physical reactions) would last for 3 weeks – after that they were supposed to lessen. I was also asked NOT to perceive them as as the annoying symptoms they are but to see them simply as indicators of change.

This was followed, 5 days later, by another message relating to the current ‘process’. The weekend of the solar eclipse – one that really knocked me off my feet – I had a meditation dna-ugduring which I communicated with a group of entities called ‘the Transformationists’. I perceived the image of human DNA and along with that the message “DNA lightcode activation”. That was it. I had no idea what they were talking about but it was clear that this was what’s happening to me.

Finally, on September 16th, I woke up in the middle of the night, knowing one of my primary guides ‘visited’ me. I was too tired to engage in any kind of conversation but since he rarely shows up, I felt it was important. So in the morning, I tried to make contact. He had come in to show me support during this ‘difficult time’ . When I asked about duration of this shift, how long I was to anticipate dealing with these physical reactions, he indicated that the shift should be over by mid March. I was told that this also applied to others on the spiritual path. So there it is, the light at the end of the tunnel! September may not mark the unfolding of big events changing the earth – as some seem to hope – but it already has been an intense, transformative month for me!



Be Who You Truly Are

These five words along with the revelation of having Spirit Guides changed my life. It completely changed my perception of life, of the world, the Universe. It was such a simple sentence and yet had such a strong impact on how I perceived myself and the way I wanted to lead my life. At the time I was told this, I had no idea who I “truly” was. And yet, those words hit home. It was the truth. But how do I find out who I truly am and how can I be that?

It was the year 2005 and I had called a psychic/medium/healer/energy worker. It happened more out of curiosity than a pressing need (I’d heard miraculous things about his work). At least that was my understanding of the situation back then. From my current perspective I would say the whole incident was well orchestrated by the same Guides who revealed themselves to me – via the psychic – in that very same session. The psychic told me there wasn’t much he could assist with but for one important message from my Spirit Guides: Be Who You Truly are!

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about “walk the walk and talk the talk”. The message I received in 2005 was to recognize that there’s a lot more to this Universe than just the physical manifestation and effects we perceive. There is a lot more to me than what I was aware of at that time. I needed to discover who I am and the potentials I have.

Recently I had a meditation during which I was shown a floating iceberg. The iceberg represented me. The part under water was huge compared to the small portion above. This is not an uncommon analogy. iceberg

Psychologists like to use this iceberg analogy: What is above water is conscious, our conscious awareness. The part touching the water, sometimes in, sometimes peeking out of the water is the subconscious. The biggest part (90-95%) of the iceberg which is below the surface represents our unconscious.

However, in my case the iceberg above water represented what I (and others) perceive of myself in my mortal daily life. The portion under water represented my mind. It showed me the potentials and possibilities I have access to.

Being who you truly are isn’t a destination, a static state you can achieve. The longer I’ve been on this journey, I find the “being” morphing into “becoming” who I truly am. The further I come along, the more possibilities open up.

Although it sounds so easy, I wouldn’t say being / becoming who you truly are is a simple task. In fact, connecting to and trusting my Guidance has been instrumental in achieving who I am at this point .Find more about connecting to Guides here.

Do you know who YOU truly are…..becoming?

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Change of plan

Ever since I started devoting a significant portion of my life to my metaphysical path, since this “Journey of Becoming” became such an important part of my life, making plans has basically become pointless. If I ever attempt to make any (and I am a bit stubborn with that one) they tend to get changed anyway. So my plan to post something halfway intelligible …. has changed. What’s new? I seem to be undergoing some kind of reconfiguring/restructuring/recalibrating that won’t let me focus on much of anything on this plane.


So instead of sharing some of my own thoughts or experiences, I thought you might enjoy someone else’s tales of the metaphysical. The story “Texan in 3 parts”   is a wonderful read and another example of different ways of perceiving. A creature that one person perceives as a demon straight out of the Bible, is “simply a being from another plane” (Texan part 2) for another. Different experiences, different perceptions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Texan stories…


Perception – Creating reality (Part3) ~Communicating reality

Preface: The following post is based on my limited experience of the metaphysical realms and – depending on your perception – it may resonate with you, or not.  If it isn’t part of your experience, it may be an opportunity to expand your perception….or it may just not fit with your current view of the world Universe and you can simply discard it. I am only sharing what I perceive or have been told directly, there is no science to back it up. However, if you are curious to hear more about my adventures of the metaphysical, you are invited to join the journey. Welcome to my reality.

“We don’t see things as THEY are, we see them as WE are” Anais Nin

If mortal humans -despite their shared perceptions – have such differing individual views of the world…how does that compare to the metaphysical ? Have you ever wondered how metaphysicals perceive? In my earlier posts I addressed differing perceptions of us humans and problems they can cause. Imagine, how much of a challenge it poses for metaphysicals/nonphysical Beings as they try to communicate with us…or even with each other? They undoubtedly have even more diverse ways of perceiving.

I know there is a notion among many humans who connect to the metaphysical that the Unseens are omnipotent. Many like to believe they constantly monitor us, hear us, read our thoughts, they simply know exactly what is going on with us and what we need etc., etc.. This not my experience, in fact, sometimes they don’t even get the message when I directly address them. It often frustrates the hell out of me when I cannot connect the way I was hoping to but sometimes I do succeed. I  think it is amazing that this type of communication works at all – considering our different levels of perception. After all perception is at the heart of communication. If metaphysicals want to communicate with me, we need to find a mutual level of my perception.

I will share a little story with you that’s an example of how easily one may be wrong about someone else’s perception.

bonzoWhen I was young, we had a dog. One of her “toys” was a worn-out bright red terry cloth bathrobe that my siblings and I once used when we were toddlers. When we played with it, I would swing it around (like a matador uses his red cape) she would try to catch it and then we’d play “tug of war” with it. She loved that old bathrobe. For years I thought one of the reasons she loved that thing so much was because it was bright red. Just like red is such an attractive color to children (and I was ten years old when we got that dog) I thought it would also be a trigger to the dog. Wrong. She couldn’t have perceived red at all!

Turns out that dogs’ color perception differs significantly from human’s perception:


My assumptions were based on my own experience and perception. I obviously misinterpreted the cause of her attraction to the toy. There were probably many other reasons why she liked the bathrobe, but none of them was the color.

From what I  know, there are many metaphysicals interested in communicating and interacting with us humans. In order to make this work, they try to adjust their level of perception and “see the world through our eyes” (which I obviously lacked to do with my dog). Our part in this process is to open up to the new experience and move into another level of perception = altered state. The rest is left up to whatever 🙂


PS: my dog only dressed up for the occasion – just in case you were wondering….


Perception – Creating our reality (Part1)

Perception can be defined as the active process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses.

We constantly process information coming in from our senses. We recognise and interpret sensory info all the time and most of it happens automatically. Our brain tries to turn the incoming info into something meaningful, something that makes sense. Sometimes, in an attempt to make something meaningful that doesn’t “appear” that way, the brain uses tricks. This phenomenon (of visual perception) is well known as Gestalt Psychology.

560px-Gestalt_Principles_Compositionpopular Gestalt images

When our senses deliver the information, our brain organizes it and tries to make it meaningful. In this case (below) that could be: I perceive two overlaying triangles in the picture.

imagesWhen “in reality” there are 3 black circles missing an edge and 6 lines in pairs of two that form a less-than-90º angle.

In psychology, Gestalt is a theory that suggests human beings are always in search of order in their mind/brain. This stems from “cognitive dissonance,” or the idea that the human brain cannot hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. And this does not only apply to visual perception.

Perception creates reality

We are basically living in a reality created by our brain. Since perception plays such a crucial role in our (physical) life as well as in dealing with metaphysical matters, I wanted to address some issues around it.

Generally, in everyday life, there is mutual agreement on the perception of physical objects. We agree that the table is made out of wood, is brown and has this or that size. We may even agree – at least most of us – on the above Gestalt image looking like two overlaying triangles. Despite the presumed individuality of our brain we still share a collective reality.

The tricky part about perceiving in metaphysical realms is that we usually don’t have anyone who can confirm our perceptions. Our individual experiences of the other side are so different that it is impossible to compare. Does that mean you can’t trust your perception? On the contrary: you have to trust but stop comparing.  How do we know what we perceive is really there, is really “true”? We don’t. Remember: we create reality, so no need to worry that our perceptions are for real.

Enjoy your creations!

PS: while writing this post I realized this is a huge topic…so if your interested in reading more about perception, perspective, projection etc… stay tuned. And before I sign off for today: here are two links on what Peter Russell has to say about this topic. The vid is long, the part relating to this topic is somewhere between mins 5:30 -8:00

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