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The wave of CHANGE


next waveHave you been hit by it as well ? There is a wave of change that seems to be crashing into this reality with full force. Will I be able to ride it or is it going to be a wipe out? At this point I have no clue how I am supposed to get through this and not be washed away by all the NEW coming up everywhere.

Ever since the second week of January life has taken on a completely different rhythm. Could it be that all those months years of living in limbo are finally over? For months I’ve been wanting to write a post but nothing ever made it to the blog. The old ways of writing  / communicating don’t feel right anymore. Everything seems to go through a process of reevaluation. In the past weeks when I thought of blogging it felt more like a chore than a fun experiment of sharing my Spiritual adventures so it may be time to take a longer break.

For so many months the emphasis (of my life)  seemed to be on the metaphysical side with so-called ascension symptoms reminding me that I was still integrating all that work I was doing ‘on the other side’ into this reality, this body. For the most part though, it felt like I wasn’t really here. However, since the beginning of January I find myself participating very much in THIS reality, involved in several new projects at the same time. This was unthinkable a few weeks ago when the mere thought of getting anything accomplished that went beyond my one-day-horizon seemed impossible. No. Energy. Left.

Now the game has changed – and I wonder how many of you feel it too. Have we finally made the transition – the change that we’ve all been waiting for? Is this the completion of the shift I was told about and mentioned in my post ‘Intense transformative times‘? Is all the work that we have done in the metaphysical realms  finally coming to fruition in this 3D reality as well? Is it possible that we have reached a level of integration where playing in several dimensions (including this one)  is happening with less and less effort and becoming the norm?

Earlier on my Spiritual Journey I read energy updates and other channeled material to either see if I had the same experiences or what was supposedly ahead of us. I got tired of those repetitive channeled messages – they all seemed to say the same thing. However, it seems that the undertone of their writings seems to have changed in the last month, there is a noticeable change – in all of them. So what’s this wave of change about? Who knows  – best to go with the flow and let it surprise you.

Depending on whether I will master the wave or wipe out, you may hear from me or……. In any case I wish you all fun experiencing the changes within and without and being (in) the NEW.



Author: Barbara Gia

Facilitator of Change and Personal Transformation ; I've worked as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I'm an Empath and have spent a lot of time connecting, 'bridging', two worlds throughout my life, exploring the depths of human and non-human psychology and biology as well as 'higher metaphysical realms' in the mystic's tradition. You may call me a synthesist always looking for (r)evolutionary transformation. I am a dreamweaver - will you be one too? Visit me on my blog: https://universaltransformation.wordpress.com/ Or find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/gia.spirit.5

11 thoughts on “The wave of CHANGE

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hope you make it through the intense change you are going through currently.

    Is it the same for everyone? I can only share what I experience.
    Last fall was extreme overwhelm at work for me.

    Since mid January 2016, the intensity at my day job was getting less.
    But I instantly am reminded to start with a new project now (creating a workshop format about divine guidance). In principle, I am willing to do this.
    So, I have some very intense creative times alternating with times of deep rest. A calm so deep that I feel cobwebs will start forming if I don’t move;-)
    (and that I should make sure I don’t forget to breathe just because of laziness).

    Sometimes, I get something done. Whereas at other times, I am in a state of deep calm inside and have not ability whatsoever to muster up self-discipline to get something done.

    What else? In dreams, I am shown all the factors which are holding me back from really stepping forward now. It is like every night I get up to three different lessons about topics which I need to look at and release.

    • Oh this is great Karin – I love to hear others’ experiences… I know I haven’t gone into any details in the post but I also didn’t want to bore anyone with the trivialities of my mundane life. In my case, I was trying to convey that after monts, no, YEARS of not being able to accomplish much of anything in this reality, there finally seems to be the energy, the push, the pieces falling into place…..not necessarily where I thought they might fall, but nonetheless they’re falling. Keeps me really busy these days. From moving my office to renovating all kinds of things around the house, not to mention reinventing myself along the way. It feels like there is a great PUSH for change (as we have already shared). In the past it used to be happening mostly within, now it is also without. My head is spinning…but for the most part it is all in a good way. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. I hjave no idea why I am suddenly doing several things at once – is there only a small window to get it all done? Or is it all spurred by my enthusiasm to finally feel ‘free’ again to be more active on the physical level? I have no idea, just going with the flow…and that’s a fast one right now 🙂

      Your dreams sound very interesting…just like you are getting rid of the remaining blocks to let it all flow (in) as well. I’m curious to hear more! Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

      • In mid February 2016, a dream. I was dancing a Latin rumba with my spirit guide. I had a beautiful long white Latin dress and danced gracefully. Then I saw that the skirt of the dress was like in two tails very long reaching to the floor, and they were bound together so that my feet got stuck in them while dancing. I realized this and said,”Oh, this is not good. I cannot move freely. My feet are bound together.” My spirit guide responded in a very impatient tone of voice , “Indeed! That’s what I think, too.” He sounded like he was annoyed that it took me so long to get this.
        For me, dancing is often used as a metaphor for communicating and sharing my journey online (that is probably my personal metaphor because I have been an avid dancer for about 20 years of my life). Having the feet bound together means I cannot communicate properly here since there is something which prevents me, holds me back.
        I asked , ‘Ok,universe, I understand. But what is it that is holding me back?’
        After inviting an answer, I had several dreams about what is holding me back.
        Be committed
        In the dream I was doing a trail in a rope course. But I didn’t really feel like doing it and was in kind of an annoyed mood. Then someone in front of me made a mistake and a custard bottle fell down from a shelf and made custard stains on my sweater. I said, ‘Now, I have to exit the course and have to remove the custard stains first.’ And went off the course. I had an excuse not to continue and felt relieved.
        When I am not fully committed to the task which I have been given, then I will get off track when I encounter the first obstacle.

        The following nights, there were several dreams about related subjects.
        The messages for me were:
        “Don’t make decisions based on fear.
        It will drain your momentum if you try to obey other people’s unreasonable demands.
        Don’t expect a reward or appreciation.
        Being sloppy, disorganized, lazy prevents you from acting in the right timing.
        Doing too much for your children will keep them dependent and will drain you.
        Don’t feel guilty because you have defended yourself against abuse. Be yourself unapologetically.
        Let go of pride.
        Don’t be concerned about what other people think about you.”

        There were so many messages that my guide asked me in between, “Are you sure that you can take more?”
        Ha, how considerate of him! Each message feels like a slap in the face, like a reproach, “See? This is what you have been doing, and it does not serve you.”
        But I said, “Yes, sure, bring them on. Show me what I need to do in order to ‘dance unleashed’. And he did. It is always amazing how there are answers in dreams when we ask.

        It seems we live in exciting times. For you a lot is happening in the outside. For me, it is both inside and outside. But, yes, there is definitely the feeling of a push here.

      • Wow Karin, you have some very clear messages there. I used to write down my dreams and follow up with them but haven’t done that in a loooong time. Wouldn’t know where to find the time right now. I’ve also noticed phases of lots of dreaming with messages and then no dreams at all or simply dreams that helped me work through the experiences of the past few days.
        The dreams have a very different quality when ‘sent by guides’. It’s great that you have such a wonderful, powerful communication going with your guides!
        We are definitely in exciting times…and actually there is also a lot happening on the inside for me as well. I am being prepared for a leap but have no idea what that means. What’s new to me that there’s that ‘push’ to accomplish tasks/projects in my mundane life which hasn’t happened in …years!
        So let’s get going (as long as we can:-))….
        PS: I checked my settings and it looked like threads are possible, so I don’t know what’s going on there?!?

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have had the exhaustion and lack of passion for anything for a few months. It has been confusing because I suddenly had energy, drive, passion, joy a few weeks ago. Started making plans, excited that maybe the wait was over. And then, back to complete exhaustion and confusion about what it is I am supposed to be doing…besides resting and sleeping!! So, I am beginning to not trust when energy comes, because it does not seem to last!

    • And thank you, Annette, for sharing your own experiences – I love hearing from others about their journey.
      And – not sure if this offers any comfort to you – I know exactly what you’re talking about and have been there as well. I’ve gone through short phases here and there when I thought “oh, finally it is time to be engaged in THIS reality again, to actually make things happen in my physical life “…. and then it all went away and I was knocked off my feet once again 😦 I can also relate to the issue of loss of trust.
      This time it feels different though. I’ve felt this ‘push’ of energy for much longer and I feel support from Divine Guidance to keep doing ‘stuff’ here in this reality. I still have moments of overwhelm as I am also very much playing/working/spending time in the metaphysical realms but it doesn’t feel as ‘contradictory’ anymore. Believe me, there is still plenty of exhaustion …but the overall sense is that it is time to take action. And, of course, we all have our own individual timing and ways of moving into the ‘next level’ of the Spiritual Journey. I simply felt this wave has hit me…and I can barely stand my ground….and I found others who have mentioned similar observations. You may want to check out Aluna Joy’s post on FB. After I had published my post I saw an update by Lauren Gorgo that describes pretty well what I have been feeling these past weeks…
      So I hope you’ll soon see that light at the end of the tunnel too.
      It can be so frustrating and tiring when you feel like all you’re doing is one step forward, two steps back…but what might appear as a setback could offer a new opportunity, another way of looking at things, re-evaluating the plans. I’ve had plenty of those moments…but at right now I feel I am moving ahead at lightspeed, as if I am being pushed out of my coccoon and into this 3D reality. For so many months it seemed like I could only function on EITHER level – here OR there – and I always needed time for transition. That seems to have changed. It still isn’t flowing with ease but easier. I hope you’ll find a way to trust the flows of energy again and move with them…. ❤ GOOD LUCK

  3. Oops, just want to mention that in my dream above it was not a custard bottle but a mustard bottle which made the stain on my sweater. Hahaha. Anyway, somehow a yellow creamy substance.

    The depth of your comment thread is not very deep yet. There is no reply button for the above comment. You can adjust this in the settings somewhere.

  4. I just love the synchronicity of life…Thank you all for posting your comments, as I went through the physical “stuff” work in the end of 2015, I was not sure if I would ever post again on my blog, or share collective insights. Gia as I see you are a facilitator of change…what better opportunity to come in ” to transform” the 3D and rise again and again…just as a wave that continues to rise, you are never falling back to “the same spot”. Karin you know how connected I feel to you… You are a Guide as well…your higher self is YOU…No separation, yet when that big boast of energy comes, its the higher vibration that manifests and then wants “what we think is a rest” Ha! we are made of unlimited potential , energy, eternal, ageless. I am “now” hanging out in peaceful action, seeing my density through others, yet having no attachment to that density. I laugh at myself now when I run around like a chicken…even manifested the flu to “STOP”. We are always creating, as Adam (our mutual friend Karin) has spoken either through transmuting or manifesting, connecting to all of our higher selves…we are eternal…. Oh and Annette, we are one in the experience you are having, we judge when we are resting, yet everything is perfect in “our” timing. Welcome to to bringing 5D to 3D. Heart to heart Robyn


      • Robyn, Earth Angel, I am sorry for not having responded earlier to your comment(s). The wave of change definitely carried me away. It was no WIPE OUT – but close 😉
        I love your current ‘hanging out in peaceful action’. Sounds like a good place to be in. My action is less peaceful these days but I DO HOPE to get back to my more quiet days again. I think my role as facilitator of change has changed. I am a lot more present in this physical reality than I had been in the past …4 ? …years. My meditations and sessions connecting with the metaphysical realms have undergone constant changes over the years so I can’t say ‘that’s changed’ … but in March I’ve done another ‘leap’ to another level. No clue where all of this is going (as always :-)) but just trying to ride the wave(s). I have little to share on wordpress these days…not because I am not experiencing anything worth sharing but mostly because I have a feeling that phase seems to be over for me. I also notice a disconnect from spiritual sources that once meant a lot to me. They seem to have nothing to offer to me anymore. I really believe it is time to BE IN OUR OWN POWER!!

        Thank you SO MUCH for sharing here….and apologies for not replying earlier. I often seem to lack words these days 😉

      • Yes love BEING is ALL We are divine source and we came in to simply be. nothing has EVER been separate so grounding in our truth is absolutely what we are BEING. Let the ride take us as we are one, Seeing you . Angel to Angel Christ to Christ God to God and so it is. Divine sovereignty. No more Karma archangels or separate BEING WE ARE ONE There is no time only peaceful blissful eternal life here on earth now. so no appoligy for timimg! . heart to heart Robyn

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