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Transformation: no pain no gain?

Looks like this part of the journey through transformation is getting tougher. At least my body “feels so”. It feels like it is holding on to dear life by making sure I am grounded….and the best way to do that is eat, eat , eat. Yep.

Whatever energy-shifts we are going through – may it be the Progression of Light or an overall shift – it definitely has its effects. Or why else do I feel like my body can’t get enough? Allergies are acting up a bit again as well as sensitivities….and then there are the aches and pains that seem to be most prominent in the legs. Heavy legs, poor legs – they’re caught between the earth energies, grounding us and the higher energies entering our bodies from up above. I feel like it is time to be nicer to my body and let it know that “everything will be okay”. Or as they said in the Best Exotic Marigold hotel:

“Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end”

So I guess it is not the end yet 🙂

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Ascension Symptoms? Ascension Symptoms!

We can read about them on several “Lightworker -websites”, different channelers refer to them from time to time, there is even a facebook group called “Ascension Symptoms Support Group”  at https://www.facebook.com/groups/297712141315/?fref=nf    Well, everyone seems to talk about them and there were times when I was relieved to find out that the weird symptoms I was suffering from may simply be the so-called Ascension Symptoms. Not that long ago I found it quite hilarious to read a list of menopause-related symptoms that were just the same as many of the more often quoted Ascension Symptoms. Are we all going through menopause? No, but the hormonal changes taking place in the body going along with menopause definitely have some similarities to the rewiring taking place along with what many call “Ascension”. Of course it is good to get your health-issues checked with your doctor first before settling on this diagnosis. It is comforting to know though, that you are not the only one suffering from these strange passing symptoms that seem to have no connection to anything else you did or have or ate or….

One of the strangest symptoms (and also longest-lasting for me, recurring or even on-going for several years now) is what I call the “headbumps”: sore spots on the skull that seem to be here this day, there another day. They feel as if you’ve bumped your head somewhere but you know you haven’t. The skin, the whole spot feels very sensitive to touch and sometimes goes along with shifts of the skull, as if the bonestructure has changed. Weird, isn’t it? Maybe not. I’ve come to the conclusion that our Spirit Guides (and whatever other Spiritual Beings have access to us) are simply “working” on us, rewiring, realigning our energies – since a lot of this is done through the brain, the head gets the hit. Actually THAT symptom may be the easiest to explain. Why I have sudden rashes that come and go during a particular phase of energy shifts or my legs seem to ache inside like growing-pains for days (as they do right now!) is not quite as easy to explain but I simply tell myself that it is part of the “rewiring the body”. Also, I noticed ever since the first Progression of Light in early April, I can’t stop myself from eating, my body is constantly craving food. It is an issue of quantitiy as well as quality (taste). Nothing really satisfies – that is yet another thing: searching for something that really tastes good but nothing seems to do it anymore. Those little snacks that used to take away the appetite? Nothing tastes good and yet – or because of that? – one keeps eating. I feel that my body is going into fear over all these energy-shifts and therefore tries to protect itself, ground itself with LOTS of food/weight. Not really fun for the rest of me who feels uncomfortable now in this “heavy body-suit”. We need to find ways to calm and reassure the body that it’ll be okay. That is what is important these days: be nice to yourself! ….. and ENJOY