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Lauren Gorgo’s “LOVE LETTER” – hopeful words –

let’s hope that is the direction we are heading soon….


Greetings and Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!  (OH, and a happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!)

Because I was born on the fourth of July I have always had an over-the-top affinity for FREEdom, but this year we are bringing freedom to a whole. new. level.

After many weeks/months/years of massive inner-alchemy we are finally moving into an active period of real life change.  The recent solstice completed a major growth cycle, an initiation of the highest order, and now…on the heels of a very powerful full moon that served to wrap up some essential details…benevolent energies abound which will support us as we emerge from our cocoons, unfurl our wings, and fly into a brand new phase of personal and planetary evolution.

At the highest level we have the opportunity to actualize the full (creator) GOD realization that we absolutely have the power to change everything in our worlds…in a very real way. Not only that, but with the simple switch of a thought, we are able to initiate that change instantaneously now.

This is a very exciting time, a time of true and lasting freedom for many…freedom from the lower mind and ultimately, freedom from fear. For those prepared, this means the beginning of applied mastery…a time to put our powers into play in order to transform our lives.  Yes, this is the time we have all been working toward, where everything we dream of can actually become a physical reality.

Since the last LOVE letter, I have personally gone thru a complete crucifixion & resurrection, and I know many of you reading this have as well.  The first six months of 2015 absolutely demanded that we become BIGGER than our fears which meant that each of us attracted the perfectly painful and unique challenges needed to let go of our old identities in order to step deeper into our authentic truth.

That reconnection to our divinity is just now beginning to reveal the true power contained within us which means we are more equipped to utilize our renewed sense of sovereignty to create much needed change in our bodies and lives. In fact, it’s already happening…just look around the world to see the proof of truth as humanity feels and responds to the light now anchored so fully on the planet.

The rewards of being authentic are finally outweighing the risk of our fears because, well…not to be cliche, but LOVE won!

Our emerging power coupled with the full awareness and experience required to shift ourselves out of the past for good (thank you Mercury retrograde), means life altering changes are afoot.

This is a time, our time, of absolute shifting into new territory. We now have all the pieces to the puzzle, but as always it’s up to us to figure out where to place them.  As we apply our power to face and resolve each remaining issue/test/past pattern kicked up by the solstice culmination point, we release ourselves from bondage…one tether at a time.  In the process we are realizing, in an experience-based way, that there is a new way to deal with challenges, and this is exactly what we are learning to DO now.

Yes, we are returning to DO life because we can finally BE true.

Let FREEdom reign!

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Lauren Gorgo’s latest update:

Culmination Point: theoretical to applied mastery

Since the beginning of 2012, when the ensoulment process began in earnest, those at the helm of human and planetary ascension have been tirelessly working towardthe embodiment of divinity. During this deeply challenging window of time the Pleiadians have opened us up to so much new information regarding our transition into 5th dimensional, new human prototypes…and yet, until now, it has been a mostly cognitive experience.

2015 on the other hand, brought us to a whole new higher/deeper level of embodiment never before felt/experienced…catalyzed by the March equinox-blood moon-eclipse passage during Passover/Easter season…and now our transfiguration is fully underway, as a present-moment, in-the-flesh experience.

The difference in our experience of this process pre & post 2015 is profound…and from what I am hearing, the second half of this year is going to make that profundity obvious to even the most unaware.

Now we find ourselves freshly on the other side of the solstice, what I am hearing called a major culmination point,and the galactics tell me this was a grand finale of sorts…that we are releasing ourselves from our old, linear-based life template and fear-based patterns, that which will make our 5D lightbody template finally become a felt experience.

It’s become pretty clear that ascension/descension is no longer a process of predicting what’s to come, but a process of what IS occurring in our present moment…as we experience it.  In some ways embodying has proven way more challenging than I personally anticipated, but in other ways it is perfectly as challenging as it needs to be for us to move into such groundbreaking territory….and for something so far-reaching, miraculous even, to be accepted (by the mind) as a tangible reality.



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Ready for Solstice?

Here we are, half of 2015 is over already. I still can’t believe we’re that far into the year! And tomorrow it is time to celebrate the longest day in the year….and so much more. Are you ready ?

I’ve noticed that there is less and less NEW being said lately – on the new-age-websites – as if no one really knows what is going on / is going to happen …and / or  they simply have said it all. Lots of messages sound very repetitive to me now. In the last few weeks I got tired “surfing” my usual internet-connections, the channelers and other new-agey-sites that I used to go to. There is nothing new coming out of them. Have we reached a point where “all has been said”? Or is the internet reaching a point of exhaustion? I wish I wouldn’t have to turn to it…. but somehow it’s been the easiest way to at least find some people who are on similar paths. Channelers who used to write about “this and that coming up” have gotten more quiet (at least those who aren’t faking it) and it seems we’ve entered a time of BIG CHANGE where even metaphysicals who are their source of info have less and less of an idea where “project earth” is going. Are we just part of a big experiment 🙂 ?

I guess it doesn’t matter…. as we are in it and should be in for it all. Supposedly – as so many write – we “signed up for this”. Hmmm… my Spirit Guides never told me that, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. I have to admit though, I am curious though, where this is all going. It just would be nice if those BIG CHANGES could also take place right here in our mortal lives! My body gives me indication (which, translated, means: hunger and cravings for FOOD) that there are more and more energy shifts coming. I have noticed this – and heard and read it from many others – that this is one of the defense-mechanisms we seem to go through when energetic shifts are hitting us, hitting earth. With the frequency of hits that we seem to be experiencing this year, I am not going to lose weight soon, that’s for sure 😦

Best thing to do: communicate with your Spirit Guides and body to see how you can ease this time of transformation for the body but also the rest of you. As the “rest” = ego isn’t always happy to go through all these changes or at least not through the side-effects. No, thank you. Talk to your body, be kind to it, it does need love too! It does need attention and it not only reacts to the energy shifts and integration of new frequencies with aches and pains and other reactions because it needs to readjust and may have its problems doing so. The pains and aches also draw attention to the body – so it is a way to pull us back into “this reality” when we are spending lots of time in other realities, “leaving our bodies”.

Anyway, have a good time in the ongoing transformation, in Becoming! I’m courious to see if Solstice brings in another wave of energetic upgrade. Since I am not as earth-bound anymore as I used to, I don’t have a strong feel for it. So I’ll just go with the flow….