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Ascension – preparing for afterlife?

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post. 2016 has been really busy and quite a challenge – not only for me, it seems. How have you survived ? Almost a year ago, during the holidays december of 2015, I experienced the phoenix, the symbol of TRANSFORMATION. It was a very intense and positive time. At the time I had no clue what kind of change was about to occur. In fact, in the first 6 months of the year, I thought the change I was being alerted to was about my mortal life, about being more involved in the mortal world. Now I’m not so sure about that anymore. I finally found a new office for my practice and we had several projects renovating our house that kept me REAL busy. I still did my meditations and sessions with guidance but felt consumed by the demands of ‘this world’.  Finally, during a summer break, I felt a ‘change of tides‘ and my attention was drawn back to the metaphysical world. Since then (the last 6 months) I’ve been  busy  in a very different way. I was back -yet in a different way – connecting to, working with and being in the metaphysical realms. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all that easy. In fact, all my connections were being changed and I am (still) struggling to get back a similarly good rapport that I used to have – with guidance and anybody or anything else in the other realms. It’s been an emotional roller coaster going from an exhilarating high to a depressing disconnected low.

During the LOWS I noticed that my old ways of seeking comfort weren’t working anymore. In the past, among a few other things, I would look at ‘energy updates’ or the latest news of some selected channelers and sites hoping to reconnect that way. However, over the course of the last 12 – 24 months, their messages have either not resonated with me anymore, sounded very repetitive or simply ‘nuts’. Some don’t have much to say and post less (avoiding repetitions? )  and yet others completely vanished. I wonder what’s going on?!? Maybe my path is going a completely different direction than it used to? If I am not part of their ‘world’ anymore – and they’re not part of mine – it would explain the ‘not-resonating-anymore’ …. but the rest?

I wonder who else is feeling this way?

For a long time, talking about ‘ascension symptoms’ seemed very common on spiritual websites. It actually became the basis for some sites / groups / forums on the internet and I’ve mentioned them on this blog at least twice ( Suffering from Ascension  and No Shit ). They were labelled ‘physical side effects’ of ascension….. but what’s this ascension really about? Anyone an idea? What is or was the purpose of all these ‘higher frequency upgrades’? Why is it that there is seemingly  no new info coming through the channelers? Could it be that this whole ‘frequency upgrade’ stuff isn’t preparing us for something in this life or reality (i.e. the wonderful world, the shiny new planet earth with awakened souls) but rather a preparation for our afterlife? What’s your thought?




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Expectations – affecting our perceptions

In my last post I mentioned how my expectations got in the way while trying to receive information during the “Progression of Light” energy surges. From my experience, expectations along with strong emotions and a string of thoughts are the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to connect spiritually/metaphysically. The latter (also mentioned in my post Spirit Guides 3 – my own path -) are blocking the connection, sometimes not even allowing to get access to the spiritual world. Expectations on the other hand come into play once you are actually connected. You’re already “there” but just don’t seem to perceive anything or whatever you perceive “just can’t be right”.

Expectations: the belief about (or mental picture of) the future.

Whatever type of spiritual connection we seek, if we expect a certain outcome, the information we “receive” will ultimately be skewed. Perception is influenced by expectation. How closely they are linked to each other? There are many examples from mundane everyday life that show how easily our perception is being affected by expectations. Starting with the Placebo effect, known as the beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient’s expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself, there are countless others. There are many experiments related to visual perception showing how expectation determines perception. The “invisible gorilla” is just one of them. However, this experiment does not only address the problem of expectation but also that of “selective attention”.

Our brain works in two ways “bottom up” and “top down”. The signals of the senses being called “bottom up signals”, they basically represent filtered data from the outside world. The “top down” effect on the other hand  referring to the control of the brain in selecting, analyzing,, synthesizing, adjusting etc. the incoming info. Recent research shows that there are a large number of neurons that come down (top down) altering the incoming signals of senses, far more than the incoming sensory neurons (bottom up). The result being the influence of the brain and (its) expectation are far greater than the raw data.  This top down effect is how expectation can determine perceptions. 

So much for our daily experiences. Now what does this have to do with my expectations when connecting to the metaphysical realms? Well, we’re still dealing with our “little monkey brains” when trying to make sense of our experiences – be they in the physical or metaphysical realms – and so we are prone to fall into the same trap. As shown above, it is hard NOT to have expectations. Expectations are largely based on our previous experiences (and, perhaps, sometimes wishful thinking). Since the experiences we have when connecting to the metaphysical realms aren’t exactly what we are accustomed to, our brains usually have a hard time to make sense of it. They try anyways. Mix in the tendency to have expectations – and how can you possibly “expect” something you’ve never experienced before?? – then it gets all pretty screwy. Or the brain simply goes “blank”. Nothing there. Nada.

What it basically means: expectations are blocking new experiences as well as new perceptions (and I will have to address the issue of perceptions a bit more another time). When connecting, being, working in the “other realms” it is best to have little or no expectations (along with low mental and emotional activity). You’ll find ample literature online about the benefits of no expectations ….and even some advice how to NOT HAVE THEM. But from my own experience I can say: it’s not always that easy. If you can’t let go of them, be aware of them, acknowledge them, it’ll be much easier to work around them.

So far so good. Until next time….

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Ready for Solstice?

Here we are, half of 2015 is over already. I still can’t believe we’re that far into the year! And tomorrow it is time to celebrate the longest day in the year….and so much more. Are you ready ?

I’ve noticed that there is less and less NEW being said lately – on the new-age-websites – as if no one really knows what is going on / is going to happen …and / or  they simply have said it all. Lots of messages sound very repetitive to me now. In the last few weeks I got tired “surfing” my usual internet-connections, the channelers and other new-agey-sites that I used to go to. There is nothing new coming out of them. Have we reached a point where “all has been said”? Or is the internet reaching a point of exhaustion? I wish I wouldn’t have to turn to it…. but somehow it’s been the easiest way to at least find some people who are on similar paths. Channelers who used to write about “this and that coming up” have gotten more quiet (at least those who aren’t faking it) and it seems we’ve entered a time of BIG CHANGE where even metaphysicals who are their source of info have less and less of an idea where “project earth” is going. Are we just part of a big experiment 🙂 ?

I guess it doesn’t matter…. as we are in it and should be in for it all. Supposedly – as so many write – we “signed up for this”. Hmmm… my Spirit Guides never told me that, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. I have to admit though, I am curious though, where this is all going. It just would be nice if those BIG CHANGES could also take place right here in our mortal lives! My body gives me indication (which, translated, means: hunger and cravings for FOOD) that there are more and more energy shifts coming. I have noticed this – and heard and read it from many others – that this is one of the defense-mechanisms we seem to go through when energetic shifts are hitting us, hitting earth. With the frequency of hits that we seem to be experiencing this year, I am not going to lose weight soon, that’s for sure 😦

Best thing to do: communicate with your Spirit Guides and body to see how you can ease this time of transformation for the body but also the rest of you. As the “rest” = ego isn’t always happy to go through all these changes or at least not through the side-effects. No, thank you. Talk to your body, be kind to it, it does need love too! It does need attention and it not only reacts to the energy shifts and integration of new frequencies with aches and pains and other reactions because it needs to readjust and may have its problems doing so. The pains and aches also draw attention to the body – so it is a way to pull us back into “this reality” when we are spending lots of time in other realities, “leaving our bodies”.

Anyway, have a good time in the ongoing transformation, in Becoming! I’m courious to see if Solstice brings in another wave of energetic upgrade. Since I am not as earth-bound anymore as I used to, I don’t have a strong feel for it. So I’ll just go with the flow….